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For peace of mind and a smaller pants size -- without the struggle of dieting!

You've hear the term "mindful eating" -- but what exactly does it mean?

Learn Peggy's secrets of her signature YOGA of EATING program and find out how easily and permanently you can change your relationship with food for the better.


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Sleep-Better Secrets

Whether you're struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or just want to wake up feeling more refreshed, listen to Peggy's recent ABC Radio show where she reveals her top tips you can use to sleep better tonight!

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Tap into your true radiance with Peggy's simple, unique and effective all-natural "Beauty Booster" sequence that will have your friends and family raving about your youthful, radiant complexion. 5-minutes.

Healthy Food Quiz

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"Take it or leave it?" Guess which so-called healthy foods are really sabotaging your health. Peggy appears as the national wellness expert for the ABC Radio Network, and on this episode she tests you on your nutrition quotient! 


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You also get Peggy's signature "Hot Lemony" recipe with powerful health benefits, along with her "Tummy Tuck" exercise, which requires no sit-ups for a flatter, trimmer midsection!

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