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The WOW Retreat will positively change your life!


Ladies, this all-inclusive, life-changing experience is for YOU to increase your confidence on the waves -- and in your life! No need to feel awkward or embarrassed -- instead, you're going to feel empowered and uplifted as you drop any limitations and let your spirit soar!


Imagine living life with unshakeable confidence!

 That's what you'll gain from the WOW Retreat -- confidence and courage to last a lifetime

San Clemente, CA

It's not about the wave count -- it's about making the waves count

It's not about the wave count -- it's about making the waves count

"On this retreat, surfing became a metaphor for the waves we ride in life. Now, I have the confidence in myself to know that I can handle whatever wipeouts come my way." ~ Chessa H.

What is the WOW Retreat?

Imagine for a moment living life with unshakeable confidence.

Imagine what your life would look like -- how you would feel -- if you knew that whatever wipeouts came your way, you'd have the confidence and courage to not only face them calmly and confidently, but you'd know you would grow from them as well.

That is the exact type of confidence and courage, power and peace of mind you'll leave with after spending five life-changing days with us on the WOW Retreat.

The WOW Retreat is designed and led by Yoga for Surfers® Creator Peggy Hall to give you a life-changing experience by increasing your ocean knowledge, skills and confidence so you can have more fun in the water -- and more confidence in your life!

No stranger to wipeouts and heart-pounding situations in the ocean, Peggy wants to share her confidence-building secrets with you so you can turn your "fear" of the ocean into healthy respect -- so you can have more fun with your family and friends while you develop your wave riding skills at all levels.

Imagine spending five exciting days with new friends, open to adventure, trying something new, facing your fears, developing a new levels of confidence in a safe, supportive, fun environment in the charming, friendly village of San Clemente, California.

You learn how to relax and enjoy yourself in the water while having a healthy respect for the ocean

You learn how to relax and enjoy yourself in the water while having a healthy respect for the ocean

"I was nervous about not being good enough, but after the first day I saw that I was capable of so much more. It's like I was feeding off the positive energy of the group, and I surprised myself by how much fun I had in spite of feeling somewhat scared at first. Each time it got easier, and now I can really say I'm a surfer!" ~ Heather L.

You'll learn to stop circling the water's edge, take the plunge and make waves with your new-found confidence!

You'll be warmly welcomed by Peggy Hall and her team of caring, encouraging and supportive surfin' yogis, eager and ready to help you feel more confident and comfortable in the ocean!

Imagine leaving your everyday life behind as you immerse yourself in the healing activities Peggy has planned for you, both in and out of the water.

You'll enjoy healthy, delicious meals prepared for you by our private health-conscious chef, daily yoga + meditation for energy and stress reduction, surf instruction at all levels of experience -- even if you rarely ever go in the water!

Best of all is making new friends from different places and enriching mind, body and spirit with Peggy's positive encouragement for vibrant living! 

You'll leave feeling transformed -- eager and able to apply Peggy's total life enhancement techniques for a more powerful, peaceful, calm and confident you, not only on the waves, but in all areas of your life!

You'll learn our WOW secrets for easier, more effective paddling so you can conserve your energy for riding the waves!

You'll learn our WOW secrets for easier, more effective paddling so you can conserve your energy for riding the waves!

"Peggy's positive energy is contagious! And she always has fun surprises to keep us interested and growing. I learned that just being in the water with new friends gave me confidence to try new things and not to worry if I'm not catching "enough" waves. Just being in the water and enjoying the ocean is enough. I'm grateful." ~ Janice B.

Who is the WOW Retreat for?

This custom-designed experience is for ladies of all ages and experience who want to increase their confidence in the ocean -- and in life!

No experience needed. All ages and fitness levels are welcomed and accommodated. You are free to join in the activities or simply relax on the beach.

If you're a beginning surfer, you'll get personalized instruction from start to finish so you can confidently enjoy all that the ocean has to offer!

If you're an experienced surfer, you'll love the WOW Retreat, enjoying the camaraderie of other surf-stoked ladies while exploring the most famous surf breaks SoCal has to offer!

Some retreat attendees are new to surfing or have tried it a bit and want to increase their knowledge and confidence so they can enjoy time at the ocean on vacation or with family and friends instead of hanging back and watching others have all the fun.

Intermediate and advanced surfers are also welcome! You'll experience a variety of waves and conditions to suit your desires.

And -- you're in the surfing capital of Southern California, so you'll get access to those famous surf breaks such as San Onofre, Trestles, Salt Creek and others!

Experiencing the pure stoke of community of supportive, encouraging women

Experiencing the pure stoke of community of supportive, encouraging women

"Thank you again for such an amazing experience. I learned so much and I feel extremely blessed to have met you and the rest of the beautiful group. Peggy's "Energy of the Sea" was eye-opening and I can now fully appreciate people for who they are and why they act in certain ways. Surfing in San Clemente was a highlight for me! I am still on a high and my journey of change is continuing." ~ Deb S.

What's a typical day like at the WOW Retreat?

You'll enjoy a satisfying pre-surf breakfast presented by our personal health-conscious chef so you'll have the energy and stamina for the exciting morning activities.

After coffee and breakfast with the WOW attendees, we'll head out to a local surf break, chosen to suit the weather and surf conditions. We'll spend time sussing the conditions, while you learn about ocean safety, currents, tides, how to read the waves and stay safe.

You'll warm up with some invigorating pre-surf yoga stretches led by Peggy while you mentally prepare for a fantastic surf session.

Our expert surf coaches will work with you on the sand to master the pop-up, show you board control, paddling techniques and other skills to build your confidence and ability on the waves.

We'll spend the morning at the beach (shade is available) and you're welcome to spend that time in the water, on the beach, or napping if you prefer!

After an exhilarating surf session, you'll be ready to fill your tummy with a delicious, nourishing lunch lovingly crafted by our personal chef.

You'll have some free time after lunch to nap, shop or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings of San Clemente, known as the "Spanish Village by the Sea".

Late afternoons we get together to discuss surf topics, health, healing, fitness and nutrition.

A highlight of the WOW Retreat is the discovery of your own divine design as Peggy shares her "Energy of the Sea" total life enhancement talk (read more below).

In the evening, we all enjoy a delicious communal meal at the WOW Retreat Beach House as we share the highlights, challenges and accomplishments of our day.

You'll fall asleep easily after a full day of new experiences, and you'll wake up refreshed eager for another glorious adventure!

What is included in the WOW Retreat?

The WOW Retreat is designed to give you maximum comfort and ease so you can relax and enjoy yourself!

  • Accommodations at the WOW Retreat Beach House (you'll feel pampered and relaxed at one of our beach cottage accommodations in the heart of downtown San Clemente)

  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks -- healthy and delicious

  • Daily yoga and meditation with Peggy Hall

  • Ocean Confidence Course -- comprehensive instruction on the beach and in the water so you'll learn how to read the waves, be safe, be confident and have more fun!

  • Individual surf instruction daily (You choose -- body surfing, surfing, boogie-boarding...)

  • Surfboard rental

  • Wetsuit to borrow

  • Wellness, healing and nutrition discussions

  • Peggy's signature "Energy of the Sea" total life enhancement talk. Which sea creature represents your divine design? Peggy will lead you through an astonishing discovery of your own gifts and talents -- so that your confidence and spirit will soar! (You'll also understand why some people are "just the way they are" and how to communicate more effectively.)

You just show up in comfy clothes and bring your swim suit, beach towels, hat and sunglasses.

Everything else is provided for you!

It's time to take time for yourself to recharge and renew. You'll be amazed at how easy and exhilarating it is to drop any self-limitations and soar!

No experience necessary. All ages and levels welcomed and accommodated.

Not included: 
Personal items
Gratuities (optional)
Travel to San Clemente
Airport transfers available ($35 one-way)

Our Expert Surf Coach Courtney (on the right) congratulating Deb for an awesome surf session!

Our Expert Surf Coach Courtney (on the right) congratulating Deb for an awesome surf session!

WOW Retreat Registration Details

Dates: EMAIL us to get on wait list for future retreats!
Location: San Clemente, California
Accommodations: WOW Retreat Beach House Cottage, San Clemente, California
All-inclusive retreat includes: Four nights accommodations, all meals and snacks, daily yoga, meditation, surf coaching, classes, transportation to surf excursions, surfboard rental, beach towels. Wetsuits available on request (bring yours if you have it for a better fit)

Not included: Your travel to San Clemente, personal items, gratuities (optional)

Three Simple Steps to Register:

1. Choose below from Beach Cottage Accommodations or local pay if you don't need a hotel room.)

2. Click to register and complete payment option.

3. You'll receive a follow-up email and questionnaire from Peggy where you can list any food restrictions or health concerns. You'll also get a checklist for how to prepare for an amazing experience at the WOW Retreat!

Your Accommodation Options...

Beach Cottage

Our WOW Beach Cottages are a few minutes walk from local beaches and downtown shops, cafes in the heart of San Clemente. You will share a beach cottage with other WOW attendees and YFS team members. You will have your own comfortable bed, shared bathroom, as well as full access to well-stocked kitchen, living areas, patio, yard, etc. All meals and snacks are prepared and provided for you.


Click here to email us to get on the wait list for future retreats!

You'll feel confident and competent and learn to ENJOY yourself in the water, with a healthy respect for the ocean!

In fact, if you prefer not to get in the water at all, that's fine too! San Clemente is a gorgeous place for beachcombing, exploring, or simply taking an afternoon sun bath! You'll still benefit from immersing yourself in Peggy's wellness lifestyle and learning how to make time for taking care of your one precious body and one precious life.


"It's time to take time for you -- you deserve it!" ~ Peggy Hall

you belong here with us, opening to life and all it has to offer!

you belong here with us, opening to life and all it has to offer!


"Each day spent with such an amazing group of like minded women people such a feeling of strong positive energy that was beaming out of each and every one of us. I felt transformed by everyone as each one of us brought together our own life experiences to share and learn with each other, it was absolutely incredible. For me, it turned out to be less about the surfing and more about the total enjoyment of life." ~ Janice B.