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"Peggy, you are truly amazing, do you know that? Each time you send me an email, I can't wait to open it because I know for sure there's valuable content. Once again, thank you for the work you're doing, don't ever stop, we need you! All the blessings," ~ Anca Chris

"Peggy's enthusiasm for life is contagious! She keeps us all so motivated to cherish our bodies and minds so we can be the best we can be at this one chance to live our short journey!" ~ Maru Mitu

"I love all your tips, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration you share. May every day bring you gifts of beauty, delight an laughter, and a warm glow of love and peace!" ~ Kay Chung

"Peggy is such an amazing, peaceful, cheerful, positive and beautiful influence in many lives, including mine. She is there for us when we need encouraging, and I keep her in my prayers so she can keep on smiling and encouraging others." ~ John Weiman

"You actually portray what you simply glow and most of all your enthusiasm in contagious. I am forwarding your information to everyone I know!" ~ Francine Michaud

"Never have I heard detox and inflammation described so well.  This makes so much sense and will stick with people.  Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your knowledge with people!" ~ Shantele LaCour

"I just watched your detox interview this evening and had to look you up right away. I'm so excited about all of the information and experience you have to offer. Thank you for all of the help you are providing to people. I'm thrilled I've found your work!" ~ Shauna Johnson

"We have been blessed with so many things this year, including having you speak at our San Diego Surf Ladies Anniversary Party! You positive energy and encouragement have made such a huge impact. Keep the emails coming, as I love reading them! They are so powerful and motivating. With gratitude" ~ Erin Paris

"I just listened to your Yoga of Eating program. It is an excellent inspirational tool for conscious eating. I have been enjoying all of your nutrition information. I was a fitness instructor for 25 years and am now in my mid 50’s and your information is a wonderful aid for me. Keep up the good work you are doing. You are a beautiful lady inside and out and it shows. Thanks again." ~ Angie Kaiser

"Peggy, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your good messages. It is really helpful for me to hear your positive spirit, and I loved the guided meditation which helps me being less stressed and more relaxed. Many thanks" ~ Virginia F.

"I have been using your yoga videos for the last tow years, and have been stoked with the results after two neck surgeries. At 48, thanks to you, my flexibility is as good as my twenties and it's helped my surfing tremendously. Thanks so much for helping me feel better." ~ Rick Brown

"Every time and surf and stretch, I ask the Lord to bless you and your business and take care of whatever you might be going through. I feel like you have become a good friend through our connection of health and surfing and yoga. Be strong and thankful always, as I know you are..." ~ Steve B.

"I'm loving your Hot Lemony in the morning and all your wellness tips. I used to not like the lemon drink but your recipe is really yummy and I am feeling the health benefits. Cheers from New Zealand!" ~ Lucie M.

"I am so appreciate of all your emails and great advice. Your meditation CD is perfect for me in the evenings because it helps me get rid of the day's worries so I can feel better and lighter and then get a good night's sleep. Thank you for all the tips,"~ William D.

"Hi Peggy, I did your Three-Day Detox with good results. Thank you so much for the extra information. I just can't stop telling people about your plan and how easy it was, the food choices are wonderful and delicious. Thanks again!" ~ Patti Kincade

"I lost 5 pounds, to be exact, when I did your detox program. Better yet was that I was getting over a cold but then your detox program really got rid of my congestion and I felt so much better. I love the foods, as they are already my favorites, so it was very easy to follow." ~ Mary W.

"I did your detox this past weekend and it went really well. The results are I feel good. My stomach must have shrunk because now I can't eat the same quantities of food that I used to. And my aches and pains have definitely subsided. I love your Hot Lemony first thing in the morning and my husband an dI plan to continue with that each day and look forward to great results in the future." ~ Kim Welch

"My friend suffered from irritable bowel syndrome her whole life it seems, but after doing your's GONE!!!!! We did the program together, and we were like tweety birds on the phone for half an hour last night gushing about what fun we had, what food we were eating and how great we feel!" ~ Jennifer K.

"The ripple effect from your detox diet is amazing. The energy and enthusiasm I'm feeling is something I've not experienced at this level before. I always thought I was eating sensible but I never really had the blueprint to go by until you provided that. I lost 4.5 pounds in three days. God bless you my dear." ~ Karen M.

"Your tips and inspiration mean more than you know for many of us going through tough times in life. When I get your wisdom and encouragement, I know I can keep going till I feel some of the lightness and relief at the end of this deep, dark tunnel. Your words and thoughts are my inspiration through so many challenges in life. We spoke on the phone in the last year or two and it was like talking to a dear friend, even though we have never met in person. I never forgot how kind and giving you were. Please keep up your great work of helping and inspiring others so genuinely." ~ Irene Kalaitsides

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