Imagine seeing fine one moment and then suddenly going blind in one eye…


That is exactly what happened to me when I experienced a spontaneous retinal detachment.

To say I was terrified is an understatement. I felt a surge of adrenaline shoot through my body, causing extreme shaking to the point my teeth were chattering, like a cartoon character.

What got me through the initial shock, the surgery and the long recovery?

What the videos below and you’ll learn exactly what I went through, and how my story can give you hope in your healing.

Sending you warm well wishes for whatever it is you are facing. There are hidden gifts in your trials and traumas, I promise you that. Watch to find out how to look for those hidden gifts and how to make meaning of your hardships in life.

You CAN keep your head above the waves in the stormy seas of life and find brighter days ahead.

Showing you how to do exactly that is my main mission in life.

So dive in, and let’s take the plunge together!

My Retinal Detachment Story, Part ONE

When I suddenly lost the vision in my left eye, I was terrified! I searched for encouraging info, but all I found were horror stories... This is an ENCOURAGING video to help you feel better and less alone with the terror of possibly losing your vision.

P.S. You can find the links to my prayers and meditation at the very bottom of the page

My Retinal Detachment Story, Part TWO (+ Risk Factors)

Seeing fine one moment and then blind in one eye the next?!? That is what happened to me. Suddenly losing your vision is terrifying! When I searched youtube for encouraging videos about retinal detachment, I could only find horrible stories with blood and gore.

My Retinal Detachment Story, Part THREE (+ Hidden Gifts)

It is very terrifying to go from being able to see fine to being blind in one eye...and also to not know what to expect during retinal detachment surgery and recovery. This is an ENCOURAGING story, and one I wish I had seen when I was going through the trauma and terror of recovering my sight.

Has anything like this happened to you or someone you know? Let me know in a comment below.

Please enjoy the prayers and meditation I have created for you to help with your courage, confidence, hope and healing. I am praying for your beautiful recovery!

Positive Thoughts for Healing the Eyes

Meditation for Peace & Calm

Prayers for Peace & Healing