NEW! Living Swell "Summer Splash”
2019 Gift Set — SOLD OUT!

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Do something good for yourself, while doing good for the animals!
When you purchase a Living Swell Gift Set, you not only save money but you also help save the lives of abandoned, neglected dogs and cats that otherwise would have no hope!

Summer 2019 Living Swell Gift Set

Take a closer look at what's inside your
"Summer Splash" Gift Set...

  • Youth Serum (30 ml) for firm, radiant skin. This is my best-selling formulation, which I created out of frustration when I could not find anything 100% that worked on my skin. Take a look at my before and after pictures here, to see for yourself — and you can read some of the many, many testimonials I get from women who say they can never live without it!

  • Organic soap Two half-bars (2 oz each) of my luxurious, handmade soap in two different summery scents. ~ Watermelon Lemonade, like a thirst-quencher for your skin!
    ~ Coconut Margarita — like a tropical vacation without leaving home!

  • Beauty Sunscreen Pampers and protects without toxic ingredients! All-natural zinc-oxide and organic ingredients. It’s like a beauty treatment for your skin! Take a look at my video here to find out how and why I created my BEAUTY SUNSCREEN, and how best to use it.
    You get to choose the container you prefer:
    ~ Acrylic white and gold jar, looks elegant on your bathroom counter
    ~ Flexible squeeze bottle, perfect for your beach bag

  • Soothing Skin Spritz — Back by popular demand! This all-natural, refreshing and hydrating facial spritz is the perfect touch any time you need to hydrate and nourish your skin. You’ll love the light, uplifting all-natural scent with hints of orange blossom, rose and peppermint.

  • Living Swell Lip Slick NEW! All-natural lip balm with hints of summery coconut/pineapple… hydrates your lips without color or chemicals.

  • Zippered, flexible cosmetic pouch and a lightweight reusable tote bag to hold all your goodies! Choose from:
    ~ Summer Pink
    ~ Ocean Aqua

  • BPA-Free Water Bottle with my favorite infused water recipes! When I can’t bring a glass container (to the pool or beach) I love to use this colorful BPA-free water bottle to make it easy to get in all my hydration!

  • Bonus -- Surprise Mystery Gift! You know how I like to include a little extra something as my special thank YOU for your support!

YouTh Serum for firm, Radiant Skin, Soothing Sprtiz and Beauty Sunscreen highlight the offerings!

You get everything you need for beautiful summer skin. All LIVING SWELL products are 100% natural and lovingly handcrafted for your order!

Peggy Hall’s Youth Serum and soothing spritz

You’ll love my all-natural, refreshing and hydrating SOOTHING SPRITZ made with organic hydrosols, which are plant-infused waters. This all-natural, refreshing and hydrating facial spritz is the perfect touch any time you need to hydrate and nourish your skin. You’ll love the light, uplifting all-natural scent with hints of orange blossom, rose and peppermint. Only available in Summer Gift Sets, so don’t miss out.

Get firm, radiant skin with my best-selling organic YOUTH SERUM. Curious to see what my skin looked like before I created my signature product? Take a look here at my before-and-after pictures, and read some of the many testimonials I get from women who cannot live without my YOUTH SERUM. Now it’s your turn to start getting compliments on your radiant, youthful skin once you start using this amazing product which is freshly formulated to order using the highest quality plant botanicals to nourish and pamper your skin. Use it in place of your regular moisturizer day and night, and get ready for the compliments!!

Peggy Hall’s Non-Toxic SunSCREEN Beauty Sunscreen

Once you try my all-natural BEAUTY SUNSCREEN, there’s no going back to the drugstore brands that may do more harm than good. Take a look here to see the ingredients you need to stay away from in commercial sunscreens. And watch my video here for my story about how and why I created my BEAUTY SUNSCREEN.

Beauty sunscreen non-toxic peggy hall

You get to choose which container you’d like for your BEAUTY SUNSCREEN. This picture above shows the classic container, a beautiful white and gold reusable acrylic jar that looks gorgeous on your bathroom counter. Choose this option if you like to apply a dab of sunscreen before heading out the door. (NOTE: You do not need to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Watch my video here to find out how often I apply sunscreen and why.)

Beauty sunscreen in squeezable bottle

Your other option for the BEAUTY SUNSCREEN choice is to select the flexible, plastic squeeze bottle, as seen in the picture above. This is the perfect choice if you want to tote it along to the beach or pool. To find out why and how I created my BEAUTY SUNSCREEN, and how to use it, take a look at my video here for all the details!

organic soap peggy hall

Who can resist luxurious, organic HANDMADE SOAP?! I certainly can’t. This all-natural formulation smells heavenly and leaves your skin gently cleansed (and never feeling dry). Made with highest-quality ingredients and no chemical preservatives. You get two 2-ounce bars in two different summery scents:
~ Watermelon Lemonade, like a thirst-quencher for your skin!
~ Coconut Margarita — like a tropical vacation without leaving home!

ornagic lip balm

Another summer-only exclusive product is my handmade, 100% all-natural LIP BALM in a summery, festive Pina-Colada scent! (There is no flavoring, but you might be fooled by the yummy aroma.) Hydrate protect and nourish your lips without harmful chemicals found in most drugstore lip balms. Note: this lip balm does not contain sunscreen. You could put a dab of my BEAUTY SUNSCREEN on your lips whenever you need extra sun protection.

pink cosmetic bag peggy hall

Store all your LIVING SWELL Beauty Products in this large, flexible, zippered COSMETIC CASE in your choice of Summer Pink or Ocean Aqua. You also get a lightweight, reusable tote bag — with a pineapple print design — to carry everything in for your summer fun! (You know how crazy I am about pineapples!!)

Adorable bags for Peggy Hall Gift Set

Look at your other colorful choice for your COSMETIC BAG, reusable lightweight TOTE BAG and BPA-free WATER BOTTLE. All of these stylish summertime essentials are yours free with the purchase of the Living Swell Summer Splash Gift Set!


You will love the BPA-free* WATER BOTTLE (choose gift set colors at checkout) which makes it easier for you to get in all your hydration. There are times when you can’t bring a glass container (to the pool or beach) so this is a great choice, and it fits nicely in your lightweight tote bag! *BPA-free means there are no harmful plastics used in the manufacturing of this bottle.

So there you have it!! You get everything you need for your summer fun (along with a surprise mystery gift especially for you!) when you purchase your limited-edition SUMMER SPLASH Gift Set!

Summer gift set peggy hall


"I wait on pins and needles until your latest Gift Sets are released!! I love how you come up with new and beautiful products that help us live healthy and feel beautiful. The bonus is your big heart, giving us the chance to help you with the animals.” ~ Claire Stoddard

"Just wanted to send you a great big thank you. I just received my order today and it felt like my birthday opening up my pretty box of goodies. I love the special little touches you always add with bright tissue papers and encouraging stickers, along with the extra special surprise gifts. Such a treat. And I appreciate the time you took to write me personally; it was very nice personal touch" ~ Susan C, Nevada


"I am really happy with your products! Your character and awesome customer service are amazing and I am honored to do business with you!" ~ Chris M, California


“I just wanted to tell you how much I love all you do and how happy I am with your products!! I purchased your gift set and love the youth serum, and all the other little goodies! I was also so surprised by the mailing and adorable pictures of the animals you are helping!!”
~ Diana Johnston


"I received your gift set set today and love everything in it! 😍 Not only is this an incredible deal for all of the wonderful products, but I love how the proceeds help rescued animals. 💖🐶🐱
~ Big hug, Michelle Bentcliff, California


Here’s my favorite way to hydrate this summer — with my Watermelon Mojito (non-alcoholic)


Peggy’s Watermelon Mojito

To one large glass pitcher of fresh water, add the following:

  • 1 cup of watermelon chunks (you can even leave the rinds for extra vitamins and minerals!)

  • 1 lime, thinly sliced

  • 1 handful of fresh mint

Stir and let sit in the fridge for one hour to allow the vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to infuse the water. This tastes even better the next day! I always have at least one pitcher of infused water in the fridge ready to enjoy. I drink one pitcher a day (approximately 2-3 liters) for optimal hydration. Enjoy!!