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  • Moving piles of stuff from one place to another

  • Being unable to locate important things because you have too much stuff

  • Trying to figure out what to keep and what to give away

  • Feeling guilty for holding on to stuff that you don't really like, but someone gave it to you, or you inherited it

  • Feeling stuck and heavy, cluttered in your home and in your mind?

I can help.

I know what it's like to feel buried under too much stuff.

But I've also suffered from regret for giving away things that now I wish I still had.

I've paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars for storage units to hold stuff that I really didn't need or use.

And, I've wasted money buying things that I didn't need or really want, but something was driving me to get more stuff.

I've also inherited the belongings of entire households after family members passed away.

What in the world can we do with all this stuff?!

In my two-session live online course, you'll learn all of my tips, tools and magic tricks for simplifying and decluttering your life.

I say magic tricks, because some of my tips seem to work like magic.

Clients have told me that they feel lighter, happier, more energized, clear-headed and optimistic...

All because they have been able to simplify and declutter with my guidance.


Enroll in my two-week online course that will change your life forever.

Don't worry if you can't make the live classes, because you'll get a link to the videos to watch over and over again.

You also get homework assignments with my step-by-step guidance so you can simplify and declutter without the worry and stress of what to keep and what to give away.



How and where to get started so you don't get overwhelmed (hint: it's not the garage or kitchen...)

How to keep the clutter from coming in again

What NOT to do with your stuff (most people make this mistake over and over)

What to do with...

Sentimental items

Gifts and expensive items

Collections and memorabilia

Valuable collectibles and antiques

Papers and photos, cards and letters

Books and artwork


Electrical items

Household items, linens, dishes etc

Holiday and craft items

Other people's stuff

You'll laugh (or cry) when you hear my personal stories...

What I wish I had never given away (I still think about it)

What happened when I took "too much" stuff to the local thrift shop

What to do with an entire household of inherited belongings

Guidance and support with these complicated situations...

To store or not to store items?

Sell, donate or garage sale, or estate sale?

Inherited items (how to distribute among family members)

Valuable and historic items

Things that don't belong to you

The items of a deceased loved one

The astonishing connection between...

Clutter and happiness

Clutter and procrastination

Clutter and weight

Clutter and depression

You'll get ALL your questions answered by me personally so you won't be left wondering what to do with (fill in the blank)...




Whenever I'm considering whether or not to invest in something, I always think about three things:

1. How much will it cost me now

2. How much will it cost me later if I don't take action now

3. How much time, money, energy and effort will I save over my lifetime from the knowledge gained now

I'd like you to think about these things too.

Think about the "clutter costs" you have already incurred including:

- Storing your stuff in a storage unit

- Having to pay to move it from one place to another

- The stress and overwhelm of dealing with too much stuff

- The mental fatigue of trying to figure out what to give away and what to keep

- The guilt and regret of giving away things you now wish you had

- The frustration of not being able to easily find what you need

- Buying replacement items when you didn't realize you still had the item

- Feeling heavy and stuck, overwhelmed and defeated

I totally get it.

I have been there and I can help you.

You don't have to go through this alone.

When I think of the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I spent on storage units, paying people to move stuff, time wasted trying to sell stuff on eBay, time wasted organizing yet once really turns my stomach and makes my heart heavy.

Not only the wasted money, but the wasted time and energy that I could have spent LIVING!!!

That is what has compelled me to create my affordable online course, "SIMPLIFY & DECLUTTER"

I can't stand to see people suffer and struggle when I can share my simple, practical, efficient -- and dare I say fun -- tips and tools for streamlining your life.

When people work with me one-on-one, individual coaching costs $225 for 60 minutes.

In my online SIMPLIFY & DECLUTTER COURSE, you get 4.5 hours of my undivided attention, coaching, step-by-step support and practical advice and guidance.

So, if you were working with me one-on-one, your investment would be $225 = 4.5 hours = $1,012.

For many people, investing $1,102 to solve their overwhelming clutter problems is actually a bargain!

What is a simplified and decluttered lifestyle worth to you?

The good news is that because my SIMPLIFY & DECLUTTER course is delivered online in a video format, it is I will be teaching this class online in a group format, your investment in the "SIMPLIFY & DECLUTTER" course is only $195. That is a whopping savings over working with me privately.

(If you would prefer to invest the $1,102 for private coaching, email me here with your request.)

Otherwise, take advantage of this limited-time offering of $195 for over 4.5 hours of my professional, proven, practical step-by-step guidance, support, inspiration and encouragement.

Take action now by clicking on the button below and start living a simpler, more freeing, inspiring and fulfilling life!

When you click the button above to invest in simplifying and decluttering your life, you’ll have the option to pay via Paypal, debit or credit card.




Video Class #1: Less Junk, More Joy!

How to get started simply and easily, without emotional strain (most people get this all wrong)

The #1 thing you MUST do to break free from the struggle of overwhelm

What to do with sentimental items, gifts, collections and memorabilia

Step-by step guidance for complicated situations

Get your questions answered, along with additional support and guidance to help you sail through your personal, specific challenges.


Video Class #2: Decluttering Clothes, Jewelry & Cosmetics

How clutter harms our health

How clutter can pack on the pounds

How emotional clutter results in procrastination, perfectionism, tardiness, chaos, depression, anxiety and much more...

How to prevent the dreaded clutter you can feel light and free, organized and simplified!

Get your questions answered, along with additional support and guidance to help you sail through your personal, specific challenges.

Video Class #3: Decluttering Paperwork, Photos and Letters

Video Class #4: Simplify Your Life


Video Class #5: Healing Emotional Clutter

Video Classes are recorded for your convenience to watch over and over on your own schedule — and for unlimited support and inspiration as you simplify and declutter your life so you can spend time, energy and money on doing those things that bring you JOY!



Because of the personalized nature of this online course, my SIMPLIFY & DECLUTTER Course will has limited spots available.

Peggy will show you how to simplify & declutter so you can have more time, energy and money to life the life you love!

Peggy will show you how to simplify & declutter so you can have more time, energy and money to life the life you love!

I can't stand to see people struggle and suffer with overwhelm, chaos and spinning their wheels when they could be living a life of clarity, knowing what they have, where their things are, and consciously creating a beautiful life, with enough time, money and energy to live a fulfilling life.

I can help you. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Click on the button below, and we'll dive in together.

When you click the button above to invest in simplifying and decluttering your life, you’ll have the option to pay via Paypal, debit or credit card.



"I had no idea how much time I was wasting on being so disorganized with all my stuff.

The worst was when I couldn't find some important papers that I was sure I had put somewhere safe.

That ended up costing me money (a long story) and I also felt so foolish and embarrassed for letting my clutter overrun my life.

You showed me that I was not being lazy or disorganized -- I just needed the tools and support to figure out how to get my stuff under control.

The most amazing thing is how much more energy I have and how much better I feel overall.

Going through your clutter course changed my life in more ways than just getting rid of my stuff." ~ Barbara Martin