Are You Ready to Finally Quit Fighting With Food?

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Let me ask...

  • Have you lost weight, only to gain it back again -- and then some?

  • Or are you at your desired weight, but you still obsess about food?

  • Does the number on your scale dictate your mood for the day?

  • Do you feel exhausted by trying to exert your willpower over and over again?

  • Do you wish you could eat like a “normal” person – without gaining weight?

  • Are you derailed by friends and family who try to sabotage your success?

  • Do you overeat during holidays, parties and events?

  • Do you swear that “someday” you’ll improve your eating habits once and for all?

  • Do you struggle with emotional eating, cravings and binges?

  • Are you tired of controlling – and being controlled by – every morsel of food that goes into your mouth?

  • Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and be free from your struggle with food forever?

Now is YOUR time to break free! You deserve it!

I’m Peggy Hall, a certified nutritional therapist, yoga instructor and recovered dieter. I can totally relate to your struggles because I’ve “been there, done that”!

In fact, there have been many times in my life when I'm at my desired weight -- but even then, there was this sense of needing to be vigilant -- of always looking over my shoulder in case something or someone would trip me up and I'd gain all that weight back.

I realized that even after losing weight I still was not truly free.

And in fact, peace, freedom and serenity surrounding food is what I was really after all along.

But even at that smaller pants size, I was afraid of eating particular foods, because they had a certain power over me.

The truth is, I felt like an imposter: I was a thin person on the outside but with a fat person inside ready to emerge if I let my guard down. I was constantly obsessing over what I could, should or shouldn't eat.

And let me tell you -- that is no way to live.

But then I discovered something that changed everything.

What I'm about to reveal changed my weight, my mind, relationship with food -- and my life.

And I'd like to share my discoveries with you!

In the Quit Fighting with Food 6-Week Online Program you'll learn all my insider secrets, strategies, tips and techniques of how I learned to quit fighting with food – and how you can, too!

Once you go through my QFWF program, I promise you will never consider restrictive dieting again.

  • Instead, you’ll learn to recognize food as a sacred source of life.

  • You’ll naturally and effortlessly select things that truly nourish your mind, body and spirit.

  • You'll discover an enduring sense of lightness, of freedom, of peace!

  • You'll radiate a sense of pure, positive energy!

  • You'll feel confident and relaxed, at home in your own skin.

  • And, all this in a trim, healthy body!

It’s easy when you have the support, guidance, information and inspiration you need.

You don't need to struggle any longer!

"I had no idea how bad I had been treating my body. Now my whole way of thinking has changed! The awareness is awesome! My whole outlook on life is so full of hope! If what you are doing isn't working, you have to try this program! It will truly change your mind, body and spirit!

I came away with everything I needed: support, encouragement, knowledge, change... and a NEW life Peggy has shown me. I have learned to take care of myself. Now I know what it feels like to really be alive!" ~ Sue Duenas, California

Online Program Description

The Quit Fighting with Food 6-Week Online Program is done in the convenience of your home! Each week you will tune in to a video class (80 minutes) PLUS an optional follow-up phone call later in the week.

Can't make it to the calls?  You will get recordings that you can listen to at your convenience.

Here's exactly how you will learn to let go of the struggle and find the peace and freedom -- and smaller pants size -- you've been after all along!

Each week, for six weeks

  • Six video classes (one each week) — tune in at your convenience!

  • Six live phone call follow-ups

  • Specific activities, handouts, discoveries and experiences designed especially for you

  • Action plan for each week -- these are things you will begin to implement to experience even more rapid results!

Why Six Weeks? Isn't it better to get all the information at once?

I've designed my Quit Fighting with Food Program so that you'll get fast -- and lasting results! In all my years of figuring out what really works (and what doesn't) I learned that focusing on one new concept at a time is they key to permanent results.

You see...

Often the reason we backslide in our attempts to get healthy is because our subconscious mind is not ready to keep up with the changes we are making!

But with this six-week program, you'll be implementing new ideas, attitudes and behaviors that will seem natural, automatic and effortless in no time.

Think back to six weeks ago -- it probably seems like it was just yesterday! The time is going to pass anyway, so why not do something good for yourself in the meantime?

You will heal your relationship with food once and for all!

I would like to personally congratulate you on taking this positive action in improving your health -- and your life!

This program is going to forever change the way you look at and interact with food. You'll no longer feel compelled to control -- or be controlled by -- every single morsel that passes your lips.

Instead, you'll be let go of the struggle and experience peace, freedom, vibrant health and radiant well-being!

Haven't you tried it all already?

- calorie counting

- food lists

- scale or tape measure

- all or nothing thinking (well, I had one cookie, so I might as well eat the rest of them!)

- programs/pills/shakes/powders/deprivation/diet foods

You're still struggling!

And you've said (many times) there has GOT to be a better way!

And there is -- there is!!!

The best part is that you'll finally feel calm and confident, light and free -- free to live life without constantly being worried about what you did or didn't eat.

You'll be free to create the vibrant health and radiant well-being that you deserve!

And I am honored to be your guide on your path to wellness!

So what does the program cost?

Think about what it would mean to you to quit fighting with food…forever!

Think about how amazing you’ll feel with radiant well-being and freedom from food.

Feeling free from the struggle with food, body weight and dieting… is practically priceless!

Hundreds of people have gone through my Quit Fighting with Food program in a retreat, workshop or one-on-one setting, paying an average of $2500.

But with the wonderful world of technology, now I can reach so many more people at once and can thus offer my program at a very affordable rate of $295 for the entire 6-Week Series. 

That works out to about $25 per session over the six weeks.

But it's not about the money. You deserve to invest in your health -- instead of paying for doctors, medicines and lost time and energy due to poor health and obsessions over food, body image and dieting.

When you invest in yourself by joining my Quit Fighting with Food Program, you are getting six weeks of on-going support, guidance, motivation, information and inspiration! This is truly the most affordable way to get access to me.

The Quit Fighting with Food 6-Week
Online Program includes:

Video Class #1: Change the Way you Look at Food

Discover why diets don't work -- and what to do instead

Exactly what it takes to achieve your preferred weight -- while eating what you love

The seven steps of practice mindful eating (most people only know one)

The #1 thing you MUST do to break free from the struggle

Video Class #2: Embrace Emotional Eating without Guilt or Weight Gain

Why we turn to food in times of stress

What to do when our emotions are out of control and the only thing we want to do is eat

The 4-simple steps to feeling your emotions without turning to food

#1 Way to embrace emotional eating -- without guilt or weight gain! [This alone is worth the price of the program! for many people!]

Video Class #3: Healing the Hungry Heart

Why pain and punishment keep us struggling with weight and body issues

How to feel and release your emotions so you no longer have to stuff them down with food

Feel freer and lighter in mind, body and spirit so the weight drops off naturally and permanently

Video Class #4: Overcoming Cravings and Binges

What to do when the 3:00 pm cravings hit

My #1 secret to stop struggling

What causes binge-eating and how to prevent it

Apply the "Power of Positive Eating"

Video Class #5: Sabotage Sabotage — from yourself or others!

The #1 word that will silence the food-pushers forever!

Stopping self-sabotage in its tracks

How to deal with holidays, parties and events 

Exactly what to say to friends, family or co-workers who try to derail you

How to stop sabotaging your own efforts once and for all

Bonus Report: Healthy Holiday Recipes to Share

Video Class #6: Feed Your True Hunger

Rediscover activities that feed your soul and make your heart sing

Learn how to be confident in taking action -- even before you think you're ready!

Engage in all of the many ways that life offers nourishment

Share your gifts with the world -- you do have them, and they are valuable and needed!

BONUS VIDEO! (Special “encore” edition of my most-requested emotional healing presentation)

Now is the BEST time to invest in yourself! 

Just imagine feeling confident and calm, light and free -- free to focus on the things that are important to you, instead of struggling with food!

I'm not sure when -- or if -- I'll be able to offer this program again, so this is your chance to get the support, guidance, motivation, information and inspiration to succeed!

In just a few short weeks from now, you'll look back and think "I am SO glad I decided to do something POSITIVE for myself!

(Or, you could put it off and then complain when the first of the year comes around...)

Why not take action right now you have absolutely nothing to lose (except your struggle with food, weight, dieting...)

Can't wait to be your guide on this journey to get peace of mind -- and a smaller pants size --without the struggle of dieting!

~ Peggy

P.S. This course is only for people who want to commit to making positive changes in their life. You need to be open to looking at things and different way and trusting the process. There are limited spaces available in this program. For that reason, no refunds are available. If you decide this is the time to invest in yourself and make positive changes that are enjoyable and permanent, I'd love to have you join me.


"Peggy, I wanted to tell you to date I have lost 32 pounds and have gone several sizes. I have not had a craving for sweets or junk food.

Our church had a ladies retreat with a Chocolate Boutique. There were chocolate kisses, chocolate desserts, and a chocolate fountain on display.

I used to be a Chocoholic, but I was able to resist and I didn't even want any.

My husband is amazed at my willpower, but I really know it is the secrets you taught me. I feel so much better on the inside and out. Thank you again for the support I needed." ~ Carolyn Carmichael

"My attitude toward food has changed for the better. Since nothing is off limits, I can eat healthy and still enjoy a little treat! I learned that it's not about calories but how my body feels. My craving for junk food have slipped away.

This program will free you from your issues with food. The work on the emotional parts of yourself will help you appreciate who you are and help emotional issues. The nutrition info will help you to live better and see how good you can feel." ~ Robin Kenny, Iowa

"I thought this would just be about the physical aspects (nutrition) but I cannot believe how much mind/body are connected. I feel so balanced and believe I can achieve whatever I can dream! I never had that much faith in myself, and now I do. I feel so much less fear and anxiety and so much more personal power! Also, it is not about deprivation. This is something you can do in your daily life. It is life changing! You deserve it!! You will feel empowered and strong!" ~ Meg Friedman, Oregon


"It’s time to treat yourself swell-you deserve it!"
~ Peggy Hall