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Also... as I mentioned in my interview, here I am as a "marshmallow" (with my older sister next to me). Yes I was bundled in a sweater and jacket, definitely plump, and full of life, ready to greet each day as an exciting adventure! 

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Are you Ready to Quit Fighting with Food?

Are you tired of the struggle with eating, dieting and weight?

Have you lost weight, only to gain it back again -- and then some?

Or are you at your desired weight, but you still obsess about food?

Does the number on your scale dictate your mood for the day?

Do you feel exhausted by trying to exert willpower over and over again?

Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and be free from your struggle with food forever?

Well -- now you can!

Let me share my secrets with you, and I promise, you will never consider dieting again.

You'll discover an enduring sense of lightness, of freedom, of peace!

You'll feel confident and relaxed, at home in your own skin.

And, all this in a trim healthy body!

I promise. Read on to find out how:

*Free Quit Fighting with Food Telecass**

When you listen to my recorded call, you'll find out exactly how you can heal your relationship with food so you can find peace, serenity -- and a smaller pants size -- without dieting!

* You'll learn my #1 secret for naturally selecting healthy, nourishing foods -- without the struggle!

* Understand the reasons we turn to foods in time of emotional distress -- and how to break free!

* Learn my top tips for overcoming overeating at parties, holidays and events

* Sidestep sabotage -- from others, or from yourself!

* And much, much more!

This is the PERFECT time to learn specific, practical tips and tricks so you can set sail on a brand new year with peace of mind and a smaller pants size so you can have the confidence and well-being to live a life with joy and ease.

Peggy Hall Provides Positive encouragement for Vibrant Living

Peggy Hall Provides Positive encouragement for Vibrant Living

Leading wellness expert, award-winning radio and TV personality, author, teacher, speaker, national media contributor...

Peggy Hall is synonymous with positive encouragement for vibrant living. 

If you are stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, overweight...if you want to feel and look more youthful, energized, confident and positive about life...then Peggy can help.

No stranger to stormy seas in her own life, Peggy has discovered how to keep her head above the waves and focus on brighter days ahead -- and that is exactly the type of positive encouragement, support and inspiration she provides her devoted fans, who look to Peggy for expert guidance in increasing their vibrant health, natural beauty and emotional well-being. 

Peggy can help you positively transform your life, as she has done for thousands of individuals around the world with her Living Swell® programs, products and positive encouragement for vibrant living. 

You'll be inspired by Peggy's bright energy and boundless enthusiasm to make positive waves of change in your physical health and emotional well-being through her tips, programs and practical solutions that make healthy living doable instead of daunting.

Like a trusted best friend with your best interests at heart, Peggy has inspired millions of individuals though her national radio and television shows, magazine articles, media appearances and live events focused on positive encouragement and practical solutions for a healthier, happier, more radiant you!

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Experience a life of joy and peace

Imagine how wonderful you'll feel being free of stress and anxiety... aches and pains... negative outlook... self-sabotaging behavior... 

Think for a moment about what you'd like to change about your life.

Would you like to have more energy?

Get rid of aches and pains?

Stop feeling so stressed out?

Would you like to feel more confident, hopeful, energized and positive?

I'm Peggy Hall, and I can help!

Thousands of people just like you have benefited from my Living Swell® secrets, products and positive encouragement to go from:

...fatigued to fabulous

...scattered to centered

...frustrated to fearless

All without having to rely on restrictive diets, punishing exercise, costly medications, surgeries or doctor's visits.

You can do it too!

And you are worth it. 

Get started now


 ...and start feeling better than ever!


Sleep-Better Secrets

Whether you're struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or just want to wake up feeling more refreshed, listen to Peggy's recent ABC Radio show where she reveals her top tips you can use to sleep better tonight!

 Beauty Booster Video

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Tap into your true radiance with Peggy's simple, unique and effective all-natural "Beauty Booster" sequence that will have your friends and family raving about your youthful, radiant complexion. 5-minutes.

Healthy Food Quiz

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"Take it or leave it?" Guess which so-called healthy foods are really sabotaging your health. Peggy appears as the national wellness expert for the ABC Radio Network, and on this episode she tests you on your nutrition quotient! 


Free Weekly Wellness Tips!

Discover Peggy's Secrets to vibrant living -- mind, body and spirit!

You also get Peggy's signature "Hot Lemony" recipe with powerful health benefits, along with her "Tummy Tuck" exercise, which requires no sit-ups for a flatter, trimmer midsection!


"Each time you send me an email, I can't wait to open it because I know for sure there's valuable content. Once again, thank you for the work you're doing, don't ever stop, we need you! All the blessings," ~ Anca Chris


"Treat yourself well-you deserve it!"
~ Peggy Hall, Living Swell®


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