Dealing with What If's


Your outlook affects your outcome.

If you can grasp that concept — I mean really really understand the fact that although you cannot always change your circumstances, you ALWAYS have the choice in how you look at your circumstances.

YOU have a superpower. THIS is your superpower: you get to choose how you look at things.

We all have stormy seas in life.

No one escapes the hardships, struggles, trials and traumas of life.

The difference in whether we get pulled under by the waves of life — or if we can keep our head above the waves — is in HOW we look at things.

How we interpret what happens to us — and even more importantly in my opinion — how we ANTICIPATE what might/could happen to us makes all the difference in whether we struggle — or survive.

The problem is that for many, many people, two little words often stop them in their tracks.

These two little words are like daggers to the heart.

These two little words are like knives that poke holes in your ship — right when you need to hoist the sails to keep sailing those stormy seas.

Take a look at the video I made for you to find out exactly what I mean.

Then, let me know in a comment below what it is you’re dealing with, and how I can help.

In the video I mention the help I offer here: Total Life Enhancement

My take on “What If’s”


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