Take TIme for You


I recorded this video nearly one year ago — and the reason why I remember the date is because it was the last video I recorded before I experienced a complete spontaneous retinal detachment.

A retinal detachment is when the light-sensitive tissue separates from the back of your eye — much like wallpaper coming off a wall.

A complete retinal detachment is a medical emergency and results in sudden blindness.

Repair of the retina is crucial in order to restore vision.

I find it ironic — or timely? — that I’m sharing this video with you today, because I just experienced a retinal tear in my other eye.

The retinal tear was lasered to seal up the tear, and ideally, to hold the retina in place to avoid the lengthier and more complex surgery I received for the retinal detachment.

No worries if I’ve lost you with all the medical jargon…

My point is that you MUST take time for yourself — especially if you usually put yourself last!

My eye surgery required that I remain in bed, without moving (I could get up only 10 minutes of every hour) for a few weeks!!

If that wasn’t taking time to rest, I don’t know what is.

But, this #PMO is not about me — it’s about YOU!

It’s about you taking time for yourself to rest, recharge, rejuvenate, and replenish your energy.

I’m here to encourage you to make the most of each day — regardless of what challenges you are facing physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Let me know in a comment below what you are going through, and how I can help.

XO, Peggy

P.S. I’m on the mend, and will update you soon!

“Repeat after Me…”


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