#PMO 191: Talking about Talking (Part Two)


Imagine a loved one came to you with a serious concern, worry, problem...

What would your first instinct be?

Most of us would want to comfort, support and encourage our loved one...

And wave a magic wand to instantly solve their troubles.

I totally get it.

We might even talk about the time a similar thing happened to us -- and what we did to overcome the issue.

Rushing to fix a loved one's problem (and giving them an example from our own lives) seems so caring, so kind, so compassionate.

But it could be the exact wrong thing to do.


Take a look at this week’s video on Talking About Talking (Part Two) -- and it will all become clear to you, I promise.

My positive encouragement video this week can change your life for the better.

That's because my tip this week is going to make all the difference in your communication, your relationships and your life.

In this week’s video  you'll learn how to be a "Parrot Parent" as I call it.

And whether or not you have kids (of any age) — or if your own parents are still alive and you sometimes experience strained conversations with them —

You are about to discover what can really help in all these circumstances.

As I say, most people don’t even realize how much better (and easier) communication can be when you learn my special approach that makes any conversation more effective. 

You can finally dial down misunderstandings, hurt feelings, frustration and disappointment with my simple “Tell Me More” method and talking techniques that literally changes everything.

Let me know, I'd love to hear in a comment below.

And if you missed Part One of this series about Talking About Talking, be sure to click here to watch it.


What Not to Say…


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