Avoiding the "Why Me" Syndrome


We all face stormy seas in life.

There is no avoiding it.

In fact, we add suffering to our pain when we get stuck in asking “Why me? Why now? Why this?”

“Why did this happen to me?”

"Life’s not fair!”

These phrases are understandable— and I’ve said them many times myself.

But those phrases can keep you stuck — instead of moving ahead toward smoother sailing and brighter days ahead.

Instead of “why me?” — I repeat two different words.

These two different words make the difference between being a victim — or a victor!!

Which do YOU want to be?

Let me know, I'd love to hear in a comment below.

Always standing by to offer my positive encouragement and support!

(P.S. I refer to an earlier #PMO about “letting your sorrows be sorrows” — I’ll share that one with you next week.)

How to Go from Victim to Victor


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