Resilience, Part 4: Welcome the Storms


I don’t pray that the storms won’t come…

Because it’s unreasonable to expect that life will always be smooth sailing.

The truth of the matter is that we all face stormy seas in life —

But the difference is that some people poke holes in their ship, instead of battening down the hatches to get through the storms!

The reason I don’t mind the storms in my life is simple.

It’s because facing the storms helps me grow.

In fact, I have learned to welcome the hardships in my life because I know I will learn and grown because of them.

One of my life goals is to experience all of life’s treasures — not to just stay in safety on the sidelines.

Instead, I want to “Sail the Seven Seas” and find out what I’m made of.

You may be thinking, “But Peggy, I don’t want the storms. I want to stay in this safe harbor where everything will be all right.”

Friends — things WILL be all right when you follow the advice I’m sharing with you in today’s video, which is Part 4, the final episode in my special Series on Resilience.

After you watch the entire Series on Resilience, you’ll have the tools and techniques you need in order to benefit from your hardships and bounce back "Higher, Stronger and Better than Ever!"

I recommend that you watch these video over and over so my teachings really sink in.

Thank you to EVERYONE who wrote me personally about your own stories of bouncing back after hardships.

with warm well wishes as you "Sail on!" 
~ Peggy

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