Resilience, Part 3: Strange Addiction


There is a strange addiction that many of us are unaware of...

Yet this addiction is so common, so widespread and so harmful, that I must speak out against it.

Watch my #PMO video on this page to find out about this strange addiction, and determine whether you or someone you know needs to break free so that you can find the wherewithal to navigate the stormy seas of life.

This is part three on my special Series on Resilience, where you learn how to benefit from your hardships and bounce back "Higher, Stronger and Better than Ever!"

You'll want to watch today's video over and over so it really sinks in.

Thank you to EVERYONE who wrote me personally about your own stories of bouncing back after hardships.

with warm well wishes as you "Sail on!" 
~ Peggy

P.S. Your comments are sure to inspire others as they navigate these stormy seas, so thank you for posting below.

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