Instant Motivation - Declutter Part Three


When it comes to taking action, most people get it all wrong.

Most people wait to “feel” motivated — to be inspired, and to find the “right” time to do something.

Unfortunately, this usually means waiting a long, long time — and being frustrated and disappointed in yourself in the meantime.

I’ve seen this again and again in my many years as a teacher and wellness expert…

And that is, people waiting to feel motivated before taking action.

I get it — I do!

Because that used to be me.

That used to be me, until I discovered an easy short-cut to getting motivated.

My approach to “feeling” motivated has worked for me flawlessly to this very day…

Yet, it is still something most people do backwards.

When you watch my video here, you’ll find out exactly what I mean.

The reason I’m tackling the topic of motivation is because it directly ties into my system of how to Simplify & declutter your life.

Far too many people live in chaos and clutter — and then lose out on experiencing the many simple pleasures of life in a relaxed, upbeat, joyful manner.

That’s because when you’re living in chaos, clutter and confusion, your energy toward clear and clean living is zapped away and swallowed up by trying to find out where you left your car keys, which bills still need to be paid, where that important piece of paper is that you need, and so on and so forth.

Many people WANT to live a more simplified and decluttered life — but they struggle with feeling motivated to do so.

You’ll find the answer in the video I posted for you on this page.

Today’s #PMO Positive Mental Outlook video is related to my specialty on how to simplify and declutter your life.

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After you watch it all the way through, be sure to grab your free 5-Step Checklist here so you can get being to simplify & declutter your life as well!

You’ll see another video at the link above where you’ll find out how I got started as an expert in decluttering, and how it can help you if you ever feel stuck in this area of your life.

Can you relate to what I’m sharing here?

As always, I love hearing your viewpoint in a comment below.

XO, Peggy

My secret to instant motivation


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