"Peggy's enthusiasm for life is contagious! She keeps us all so motivated to cherish our bodies and minds so we can be the best we can be at this one chance to live our short journey!" ~ Maru Mitu, client

Wellness expert and holistic life coach Peggy Hall is a well-regarded teacher, speaker, author, consultant, radio personality, television host, retreat leader and creator of best-selling yoga DVDs and natural wellness products.

A naturally-gifted teacher and speaker, Peggy inspires, encourages and uplifts with her infectious energy and enthusiasm for life! With over a decade of experience as a speaker, author, yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, health writer and life coach who regularly appears on national radio and television, Peggy inspires you to approach life with a sense of cheerful curiosity and positive expectations that the best is yet to come!

Dubbed "America's Ultimate Wellness Expert" by Woman's World magazine, Peggy considers herself a healthy skeptic who digs deep to uncover the truth in wellness so you don’t have to put your own health or life at risk with outmoded thinking, treatments or medication that could do more harm than good.

As an avid surfer, former competitive swimmer and water polo player, long-distance ocean swimmer, certified yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, published author, radio personality and television host, Peggy inspires everyone she meets with her infectious enthusiasm, pure positive energy and sunshiny outlook on life.

Called a legend by Surfer magazine, Peggy is the pioneer of the global surf + yoga movement and the first person to popularize yoga and surfing with her best-selling Yoga for Surfers® Series, which has helped thousands of surfers around the world surf better – and live better!

"Peggy is such an amazing, peaceful, cheerful, positive and beautiful influence in many lives, including mine. She is there for us when we need encouraging, and I keep her in my prayers so she can keep on smiling and encouraging others." ~ John Weiman, customer

Enthusiastic, informative and inspiring, Peggy cuts through the clutter, separates fad from fact and presents "good-for-you" lifestyle tips that are doable rather than daunting!

Since 2007, Peggy has appeared over 500 times on the ABC Radio Network as the national health and wellness guru for the "Hits and Favorites" syndicated show airing nationwide.

For three years, Peggy starred as the national wellness expert for "America Now", an Emmy-nominated, nationally-broadcast daily TV program. Peggy has appeared in over 100 segments, reaching millions of viewers coast-to-coast with her simple, surprising "I can do that!" practical advice that inspires healthier, happier, more satisfying lives! 

Peggy frequently writes for and appears in major national and international media with over 200 hundred published articles in magazines such as Yoga Journal, Clean Eating, Oxygen Women's Fitness, First for Women, Women’s World Magazine, Life & Style, Shape, Self, Surfer, Tracks, Outside, Men's Journal, Muscle & Fitness Hers, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, The Orange County Register, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today and US News & World Report among others.

A certified weight and lifestyle management consultant, Peggy is the creator the Three-Day Detox Diet, the Ten Day Transformation and 52 Weeks of Weight Loss, Peggy's signature "health without hunger" programs which have helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their lives, even if they struggled in the past.

An avid surfer and certified yoga instructor, Peggy put her passions together and created the highly-acclaimed and best-selling Yoga for Surfers instructional DVD series, which has helped thousands of surfers worldwide surf better and live better!

Heralded by Men’s Journal as one of the “Top Five Trends in Fitness”, Yoga for Surfers has garnered heavy media coverage, with Peggy being featured in Yoga Journal, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, ABC News.com, Surfer, Surfing, TransWorld Surf and Muscle & Fitness, The KTLA Morning News, and NBC's The Today Show, among others.

A highly sought-after and engaging speaker, Peggy was selected to lead yoga classes for Fortune Magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women Conference alongside such luminaries as Ariana Huffington, Meg Whitman and Sally Ride and Billy Jean King.

In addition to receiving a Certificate in Yoga Studies from the University of California Irvine Extension, Peggy also completed her advanced teacher training at Sacred Movement in Santa Monica, CA. She is also certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Trainer and Weight and Lifestyle Management Consultant.

A longtime instructor at the university level, Peggy is the former Director of Teacher Education Programs at the University of California, Irvine Extension. She holds a master’s degree in international relations from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Fluent in French and Arabic, Peggy lived in Paris for a short time and also in Morocco for several years where she first taught English for the Peace Corps and then worked in marketing for Proctor & Gamble.

Prior to her career in health and wellness, Peggy provided corporate training in business writing, presentation skills and accent reduction for dozens of Fortune 500 companies through Global Learning, her cross-cultural communications business.  

Peggy lives, writes, teaches and surfs in her native Southern California with her husband and their dog and cats. Peggy is a passionate animal welfare advocate and promotes hope, healing and humane education through her non-profit group Compassionforall.org.

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