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 Peggy will show you how to break free of your struggle with food, weight, body image and dieting

Peggy will show you how to break free of your struggle with food, weight, body image and dieting

"When it comes to weight loss...
Self-Discipline is Not Enough!" ~ Peggy Hall

Find out how to Quit Fighting with Food and find peace of mind -- and a smaller pants size -- in this FREE Live Video Seminar with Wellness & Weight Loss Expert PEGGY HALL

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Are you tired of the struggle with eating, dieting and weight?

Have you lost weight, only to gain it back again -- and then some?

Or are you at your desired weight, but you still obsess about food?

Does the number on your scale dictate your mood for the day?

Do you feel exhausted by trying to exert willpower over and over again?

Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and be free from your struggle with food forever?

Well -- now you can!

Let me share my secrets with you, and I promise, you will never consider dieting again.

You'll discover an enduring sense of lightness, of freedom, of peace!

You'll feel confident and relaxed, at home in your own skin.

And, all this in a trim healthy body!

I promise. Read on to find out how:

FREE Quit Fighting with Food Live Video Seminar!

Sign up today and enjoy this 35-minute seminar where you'll learn: 

* Why self-discipline is not enough when it comes to making peace with food -- and what you need to do instead!

* Why you need less goal-setting -- and what to do instead!

* Why relying on will-power for your weight loss will backfire -- and what to do instead!

You'll also get a special invitation from Peggy to get her personalized support and guidance on your own journey as you discover how to quit fighting with food and find peace of mind -- and a smaller pants size -- without the struggle of dieting!

NOW is the PERFECT time to learn specific, practical tips and tricks so you can set sail for the summer with peace of mind and a smaller pants size so you can have the confidence and well-being to live a life with joy and ease.

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"Quit Fighting with Food"
Video Seminar (60 minutes)

Learn why when it comes to stopping the struggle of dieting, body image and food issues, self-discipline and will-power are not enough, and what to do instead.


"Peggy, I wanted to tell you to date I have lost 32 pounds and have gone several sizes. I have not had a craving for sweets or junk food.
Our church had a ladies retreat with a Chocolate Boutique. There were chocolate kisses, chocolate desserts, and a chocolate fountain on display.
I used to be a Chocoholic, but I was able to resist and I didn't even want any.
My husband is amazed at my willpower, but I really know it is the secrets you taught me. I feel so much better on the inside and out. Thank you again for the support I needed." ~ Carolyn Carmichael

"Treat yourself well-you deserve it!"
~ Peggy Hall