Thanksgiving Survival Guide


With the holidays officially up on us, here are my 5 my favorite tips for "Season's Eatings" -- without indigestion!

1. Chew your food at least 20 times before swallowing it

Don't swallow that bite until the food has become liquid and is mixed well with your saliva, which contains important digestive enzymes. This tip alone will prevent heartburn, gas and indigestion in the majority of people who gulp down their food before chewing

2. Really taste your food
Notice the flavors, textures, temperature, aroma...and ENJOY your food! If you can't enjoy it without guilt, why eat it?

3. Put your fork down between bites
This automatically slows down your eating and reminds you to swallow before taking the next bite.

4. Sweep your mouth clean before taking the next bite.

You know at the end of the meal how we savor that "last bite" and sweep the tongue around the teeth? Do this after each bite and you are guaranteed to eat more slowly and digest your food better.

5. Don't drink water with your meals
Water dilutes the digestive enzymes and washes off the taste buds, leaving food less flavorful. Thirsty? Drink your water 10 minutes before or 30 minutes after eating. Or, wine or juice is a better choice as they contain enzymes that help with digestion.

And, just in case you do overeat...
1. Ginger tea -- drink one cup after eating
2. Probiotics -- take one before eating
3. Digestive enzyme -- take one before eating
4. Go for a leisurely walk after eating for better digestion

Let me know how this goes for you, okay? And I hope YOU have a wonderful Thanksgiving, shared with friends, food and family in a warm and loving festive manner that fills your heart.

Please know that I appreciate YOU!
with gratitude,