Life, loss ...and love

My entire life has been devoted to teaching, to encouraging, to
inspiring others to open to life and all it has to offer.

Having lost many family members over the years, I have always lived
with a sense of urgency, of please-don't-put-it-off-and-let-your
dreams-pass-you-by outlook and philosophy.

There is not a day that has gone by that I have not breathed a
prayer of gratitude for another gift of life.

In fact, my website headline urges you to not take for granted
your one precious body, your one precious life.

Yet, for all the natural health and wellness advice I dole out, I
am the first to admit that our life here on Earth is never as long
as we'd like it to be, and all the healthy food and exercise and
positive thinking will never ever result in immortality.

I was reminded of that quite poignantly over the past few weeks,
when my father-in-law Bill took a turn for the worse after suffering
from declining health over the past few years.

Yesterday morning his suffering ended and now the time comes for
grieving and comforting one another.

Many of you have suffered great losses, I know. 

Somehow in the suffering there is a type of knowing (however
painful) so much more about life and its meaning.

Death is one of the most important parts of life, as the void it
creates for those of us left is a strange type of gift, if I can
use that word.

What I mean is we (even if briefly) see things so clearly, so
vividly, and we are jarred awake from the daily sleepwalking we
might have been experiencing.

(A great passage about this is from the Bible, Ephesians 5:14)

Once we realize how precious life is, we can never again squander
our precious essence on things that do not nourish our life.

I'm also a person who "likes" to go to funerals (again, I can't
find the right word here)...

What I mean is it's such an honor to celebrate an individual's
life, to hear from those s/he impacted, to be reminded of how we
are all uniquely gifted, and what a shame it is if we die with our
song still inside us, tuning the guitar strings forever instead of
opening our soul and letting it out.*

I have rambled on.

There is a marvelous book I am reading (which I felt like I could
have written), and it is this:

Wake Up and Live by Dorothea Brande

Required reading for anyone who wants to live a life that matters.

Until we meet our own end (and we all will have one), there is only
one single word that stands above all, one single word that cannot
be defined, one single word that if we only, only, only knew how to
live this word, and not just say it or think it or try it but
instead to actually BE it...

...then all the ills of the world would fall away.

This word is...


Please, I implore you, love, love, love.

with love,

* From the poem "Waiting" by Rabindranath Tagore