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Fitness Classes with Peggy Hall

Peggy's classes are safe, effective, inspiring, encouraging, motivating and FUN!

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WATER FITNESS with Peggy Hall at the San Clemente Aquatic Center (click link below)
City of San Clemente

No swimming experience necessary. All levels welcomed!

Exercising in the water creates additional resistance for strength building!

All ages and levels welcomed.

Water Fitness “POWER”
Mon/Weds/Fri 8:30am - 9:45 am

This is a challenging, high-intensity class focusing on strength, stamina and power. Be prepared for a vigorous workout that will leave you feeling exhilarated!

Water Fitness “CLASSIC”
Mon/Weds/Fri 9:30am - 10:45 am
Work every part of the body in this low-impact, high-energy class! Body weight exercises, water dumbbells and noodles are often used. Upbeat music from the oldies to today's favorites!

Water Fitness “CLASSIC”
Tues/Thurs 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Work every part of the body in this low-impact, high-energy class! Body weight exercises, water dumbbells and noodles are often used. Upbeat music from the oldies to today's favorites!

Favorite Resources for Water Fitness Classes

You can get all of my favorite resources by clicking the links below...


Non-Toxic Sunscreen: I recommend using my own custom formulation (see video and purchase here: BEAUTY SUNSCREEN
Favorite Hats: San Diego Hat Company
Swim Shorts: Mycoco
Water shoes: Bzees
Resistance Bells: Aqualogix (I like the green ones)
After-Sun Skin Care: Peggy Hall's Youth Serum


Tips to get the most out of your Water Fitness Classes 

Check-in Tips
Please arrive at least five minutes before the class to prepare for the class.

Check in with the front desk and get a plastic ring.

Give the plastic ring to Peggy (or assistant) for your entry into the class. 

If you are a drop-in student, you'll get a blue plastic ring. Be sure to give the ring and your name to Peggy or assistant at the start of class, as I am required by the City of San Clemente to take attendance for each class.

Grab your equipment from the bins before you enter the water. Let us know if you need help, and we'll get the equipment for you. (9:30 am students, the equipment will already be on the pool deck for you.)

Please put away your equipment at the end of class, or let us know if you need help.

Exercise Tips
Modify, adapt and adjust the exercises to suit your own needs. Do not strain or over exert yourself. Keep your eyes on the instructor as she will demonstrate most exercises from the pool deck. Some exercises she will demonstrate in the water because they cannot be demonstrated on the pool deck.

Position yourself in the water so you can see and hear the instructor.

Most exercises are best performed at chest-height depth. The reason why is because if you are up to your chin on the water, more of your body weight is displaced, which is not optimal for performing the exercises. Also, if you stand in waist-high water there is not enough of your body underwater to take it advantage of the water resistance.

Unless otherwise demonstrated, keep your arms in the water for maximum resistance.

If you are standing in shallower water, you can bend your knees to get the optimal chest-high depth.

The exercises and sequences are specifically designed to be safe, effective, challenging, fun and varied. You can always do a different version of the exercise if you know how to do it and you prefer it.

Using equipment such as the hand buoys/foam dumbbells and the noodles is completely optional. Many of the exercises are best done without any equipment at all. If you are healing your wrist, elbow, shoulder or neck it is recommended you do not use the equipment but just follow with body exercises only.

You are not required to purchase the aqua bells, but it is recommended if you want to invest in your own equipment. You can purchase green (recommended), blue or black.

Try out Peggy's aqua bells in class and see for yourself the resistance you can create for more strength, without the added flotation of the foam dumbbells.

Some days no equipment will be used, to make sure you avoid any over-use injuries. Some days we'll use the noodles, other days the dumbbells, other days the wall.

The classes and exercises are specifically designed and taught so you get maximum benefit in terms of cardio-vascular conditioning, strength, mobility, stamina as well as challenging your coordination, balance and brain.

It’s important to stay for the stretching so that you can prevent any pain or injury and  keep your muscles strong and supple. The cool down is important for your heart and lungs as well.

Keep in mind you will be getting a cardiovascular workout throughout the entire class, even with stationary exercises. That’s because your heart and lungs are working when you are doing resistance exercises. You do not need to keep running and jumping up-and-down for your cardiovascular benefits

Peggy designs each class to be a total-body workout, with variety so you can continue to get stronger and fitter -- and have more fun!

Please follow the instructor closely so you will maximize your benefits in this most wonderful element of water.

Peggy is available 10 minutes before and after each class for personal guidance. Or, email her here: peghall@cox.net

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About Peggy Hall

peggy hall yoga for surfers trestles.jpg

Peggy is a former competitive swimmer, lifeguard and nationally-ranked water polo player, and she continues to swim daily, especially long-distance ocean swims.

Peggy is also an avid surfer and yoga instructor and creator of the best-selling series, YOGA for SURFERS®

Peggy is the creator of LIVING SWELL, a healthy-lifestyle company offering wellness retreats, online personal development courses, and natural health and beauty products.

am now emmy.jpg

For three years, Peggy starred in over 100 episodes as the wellness expert for America Now, an Emmy-nominated national TV show, with daily syndication on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox stations.

Peggy also was the national wellness expert for the ABC Radio Network for over seven years, with over 500 radio appearances coast-to-coast.

A frequent media contributor, Peggy has written hundreds of health, fitness and nutrition articles for major national women's magazines. She was a contributing editor and columnist for Clean Eating magazine, and the health and fitness editor for Surf Life for Women, among others.

Prior to making a splash in the wellness field, Peggy had a 25-year career in international education, teaching university and graduate level students. She also founded her own corporate consulting company, Global Learning, providing consulting and training for international organizations.

Peggy holds a master's degree in international relations, a bachelor's degree in political science, and is fluent in French and Arabic. She also lived in Morocco for five years, teaching English with the Peace Corps, and then working in marketing for Proctor & Gamble.

Peggy is the former Director of Teacher Education Programs at UCI Extension and has taught at several colleges and universities over the past 25+ years, including Golden Gate University, Cal State Fullerton, Rancho Santiago College, Irvine Valley College and others.

Peggy is currently Associate Faculty at Saddleback College, teaching English to adult immigrants.

Aside from being in the water, Peggy is a passionate animal advocate and works with many independent animal rescue causes through the organization she founded, Compassion for All.org

Peggy has had a lifelong love affair with the water

Peggy has had a lifelong love affair with the water