Fall Asleep Easily...
and Wake Up Refreshed

20-minute Guided Relaxation with Peggy Hall

Finally! A good night's sleep is yours -- just press "play"... listen... let go... and deeply, deeply rest...

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Book of Blessings

20-minute Guided Meditation with Peggy Hall

Peggy's signature guided meditation for peace of mind and a joy-filled heart. This is her most-requested meditation...and now it can be yours.

Book of Blessings also makes a thoughtful gift that has the ability to transform a loved one's outlook from negative and despairing to hope-filled and positive.

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Get fit, fearless and focused with Peggy's Best-Selling Yoga DVDs

(Even if you're not a surfer, you'll still benefit from Peggy's positive encouragement, clear instruction and innovative yoga sequences to help you feel better than ever -- guaranteed!*

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