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20-minute Guided Relaxation with Peggy Hall

Finally! A good night's sleep is yours -- just press "play"... listen... let go... and deeply, deeply rest...

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Book of Blessings

20-minute Guided Meditation with Peggy Hall

Peggy's signature guided meditation for peace of mind and a joy-filled heart. This is her most-requested meditation...and now it can be yours.

Book of Blessings also makes a thoughtful gift that has the ability to transform a loved one's outlook from negative and despairing to hope-filled and positive.

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Get fit, fearless and focused with Peggy's Best-Selling Yoga DVDs

(Even if you're not a surfer, you'll still benefit from Peggy's positive encouragement, clear instruction and innovative yoga sequences to help you feel better than ever -- guaranteed!*

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LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate


Pre-Ride Warm Up (25 minutes) 
Warm up all the joints and muscles you’ll use when you ride, and get energized and focused for a great session! These poses are all done standing, so they’re easy to do wherever you are -- no yoga mat needed. 

Post-Ride Recovery (25 minutes) 
Perfect to do after a day on your board (or a day at the office). These poses are all done on the floor for maximum stretching and recovery. You’ll feel revitalized and relaxed, ready to get up and go the very next day.

Comments: This is a perfect all-around yoga routine, no matter what your level or experience. Doesn't matter if you surf or SUP -- you'll enjoy the two separate sessions: one is energizing, standing poses that also work on core strength and balance; the other is all done on the mat with deeper stretches to help you recover from your session on the waves. Peggy teaches a particular style of down dog (plus a crazy balance pose) that I guarantee you have never seen before!

Plus, you get a laminated card for easy reference: "Best 5 Before You Ride"

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LEVEL: Beginner

Yoga for Surfers I is the program to do if you're new to yoga or just want a straight-forward stretching sequence that gives you energy before you surf -- keeps you focused and energized in the water -- and gives you a great recovery stretch after your surf session

Featuring: Peggy Hall, Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard; Filmed in Hawaii and California

Includes 3 Different Routines:

(1) Pre-Surf Session: Flexibility and Focus: A perfect surfing warm-up, this flowing routine awakens and energizes the entire body. Even though this routine is perfect for those new to yoga, we move through the poses pretty briskly because it's designed to warm up your body before surfing. The idea is to get the blood pumping, the circulation flowing, and the mind and soul focused on a great session! (12 minutes)

(2) Water Session: Energy and Confidence: These are yoga stretches you can do on your surfboard to stay loose, warm and focused between sets. Learn a couple of *key* tips for catching more waves -- just by the way you sit on your surfboard! Also, you'll learn a neat "mudra" or hand pose that is thought to help focus your energy and attention. Try it and see how it works for you! (7 minutes)

(3) Post-Surf Session: Stretching and Rejuvenation: This sequence is done entirely on the floor for a really relaxing routine to calm your mind, rejuvenate your body, and shorten your recovery time between surf sessions. It's designed ideally to do at the end of the day (or after your surf session) with deeper stretches to help heal your back and get rid of aches and pains. Many YFS-ers tell us this is their all-time favorite sequence! 
(18 minutes)

Running Time: 70 minutes

Plus, you get a laminated card for easy reference: "Best 5 Post Ride"

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LEVEL: Intermediate

This is a fast-paced conditioning routine, perfect for staying in shape between swells! Many customers tell us this is their favorite DVD of the Yoga for Surfers series.

Featuring: Peggy Hall, Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard

Filmed in Hawaii and California

This program includes:

(1) Spinal Warm-up: Increase your flexibility for surfing while learning the basics of "vinyasa flow", surf yoga style! This is a short warm-up, perfect when you want to get the body moving and head out the door!

(2) Vinyasa Flow: Practice a series of sun salutations, adding new poses with each repetition. This will give you greater endurance for surfing and help you surf stronger, with more energy! This is the bulk of the program, one nice fluid sequence building poses one upon the other.

(3) Balancing Poses: Improve your balance and mental focus with challenging and fun balancing poses. You'll increase your coordination and concentration in order to surf better and catch more waves! For more of a balance challenge, try these poses with your eyes closed!

(4) Relaxation Sequence: Calm your mind and body as you unwind and relax. Stretch your back and hips for more flexibility. This is the most important part of the practice, so be sure you don't skip it! Lie back, close your eyes, breathe, relax, focus and enjoy!

Running time: 85 minutes

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LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced

Increase your power, strength and stamina so you become as fit, focused and fearless as you can be -- both in and out of the water!

Featuring: Peggy Hall, Tom Carroll, Garrett McNamara and Brian Conley

Filmed in Tahiti, Australia and California


Peggy's clear instruction is easy to follow, and her energy is sure to keep you motivated!

This is the most advanced program in the series, but you can do it in shorter segments as you build up to it! Choose this one if tyou want to build maximum power, strength, endurance, balance and mental focus! The program contains three segments you can do alone, or put together for an amazing surf workout!

FIT (20 minutes) 
Increase your core strength and stability with unique, targeted poses for your abs and back. Develop balance and breath control.

FOCUSED (25 minutes) 
Increase your lower body strength and flexibility while developing mental focus in this fluid, powerful sequence. Get the strength you need for more powerful turns and cutbacks.

FEARLESS (25 minutes) 
Improve your paddling power as you build flexible strength in your upper body. Learn to trust yourself, drop any self-limitations and soar!

Plus, a 10-minute soothing relaxation sequence to develop a deep sense of well-being and calm energy. Deeper stretches to relax your back and help with stress reduction.

Total Running time: 80 minutes

Plus, you get a laminated card for easy reference: "Best 5 for a Powerful Ride"

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The Yoga for Surfers Bundle comes with these valuable BONUS Gifts:

How to Heal Faster CD (60 minute audio)


Paddling Power Shoulder Exercises .pdf

Heal your Back .pdf

Flex your Power (yoga exercises with stretch band ) .pdf

Why buy all 4 DVDs right now?

You'll benefit the most by learning a variety of poses that will get to all those areas that need attention. Our bodies adapt quickly, so you want to make sure that you have plenty of variety in order to keep progressing.

Each YFS DVD is totally unique, so you'll learn different surf-specific yoga exercises with each program. And -- no hard-to-understand yoga terms either -- I explain it all in clear, simple terms so you can follow along easily!

You save money AND get valuable bonus gifts to help you feel better than ever.

What if I'm not a surfer? You will still benefit from thePeggy's amazing sequences filmed in gorgeous locations with custom-composed music for a complete experience that brings you total life enhancement...guaranteed.

If it turns out this is not a good fit for you, simply email us here and you get a prompt, cheerful 100% percent LIFETIME money-back guarantee.