How to Overcome Overwhelm during the Holidays

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For many people, the holidays are not the “happiest time of the year”.

Far from it!

If you feel more stressed and anxious at this time of the year, I totally get it!

For me, the holidays are drenched with melancholy.

And, my holidays traditions went topsy-turvy after my mom died.

You might dread the holiday season for reasons of your own.

That’s why I want you to watch my video for my top three tips on how to overcome overwhelm during the holidays so you are not robbed of your JOY and peace of mind this season.

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Peggy Hall Provides Positive encouragement for Vibrant Living

Peggy Hall Provides Positive encouragement for Vibrant Living

Peggy Hall is synonymous with positive encouragement for vibrant living

Peggy has appeared in over 100 television episodes as the star of the Emmy-nominated television show America Now, sharing her healthy living tips with millions of viewers on the daily syndicated daily show.

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As a highly regarded as a wellness + weight loss expert, Peggy has helped thousands find peace of mind and a smaller pant size with her signature program, QUIT FIGHTING with FOOD.

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Peggy is also an avid surfer and certified yoga instructor and is the creator of the first-ever and best-selling instructional yoga series, YOGA for SURFERS®.

No stranger to stormy seas in her own life, Peggy has discovered how to keep her head above the waves and focus on brighter days ahead -- and that is exactly the type of positive encouragement, support and inspiration she provides her clients, who look to Peggy for expert guidance in creating vibrant health, natural beauty and emotional well-being. 

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