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Peggy Hall's Youth Serum

Peggy's "Prescription" for Vibrant Health!

Are you frustrated with conventional doctors who "just don't get it"?

Are you taking prescription medication but you'd rather get off it?

Have you tried different "cures" and "remedies" but still don't feel as good as you'd like to?

Are tired of feeling run-down, heavy, sluggish and older-than-your-years?

Then you have come to the right place! I cannot stand to see people struggle and suffer, wasting time, money and energy on pills and potions and programs and products that don't really give you the long-lasting side-effect free results you want.

Please, do NOT keep going from doctor to doctor and from pill to pill without considering and alternative: The Peggy Hall Prescription for health and wellness!

For the past decade, I have helped thousands of people around the globe feel (and look) better than they ever dreamed possible.

And the amazing thing is that in most cases, it is EASIER, FASTER and more ENJOYABLE than you would imagine.

These days, due to my obligations on TV and radio, I have very limited time available for in-person consultations, but I have made the option for you to do email/phone consultations on a limited basis.

Before I tell you more about that, first look over this list and see if you are dealing with a condition that I can help you with. If you don't see your specific ailment or concern, please email me to see if it's an area of my expertise. The last thing I want you to do is waste even more time and money!

Do you want to:

  • Lose weight permanently, without struggling or backsliding
  • Get rid of skin conditions like eczema and psorasis
  • Eliminate chronic headaches and migraines
  • Reduce your dependence on prescription medication
  • Fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night
  • Stop feeling depressed and/or anxious; reduce panic attacks
  • Get through menopause without going crazy
  • Identify and solve problems causing infertility
  • Get relief from backache and/or sciatica
  • Eliminate digestive problems like constipation, gas, bloating, IBS
  • Stop pain in your knees, hips or shoulders without resorting to surgery
  • Learn to stop stressing so much
  • Get relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other immune disorders
  • Stop sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throats, chronic coughs and sore throats
  • Let go of your smoking addiction
  • Prevent and recover from cancer and/or surgery
Peggy offers good sensible, and educated advice! It takes an expert to share the simplicity and wisdom.

Fay Pastel

It doesn't matter where you live -- I work with people from around the world, via phone and email. And, on a limited basis, I'm am able to travel (for an additional fee) to meet with you wherever you may be.

Why work with me?

Over the past decade, I have successfully helped thousands of people feel better, look better and live better! As a certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, personal trainer, nutritional therapist and weight and lifestyle management consultant (certified by the Amercian Council on Exercise), I have devoted the last several years to researching and uncovering the best natural approaches for mind-body healing.

Unlike a traditional doctor (who is trained in conventional medicine and the administering of prescription drugs), I offer education, information and knowledge in the art of mind/body healing.

It's nice to get help from someone who not only is qualified to educate, but who also presents it in a manner where you are talking to an adult that's not been living in a bubble for the better part of your life.

Wally G.

Who do I work with?

My typical clients are those who have been active most of their lives but feel that their energy levels and health are beginning to slip. They may have been sidetracked by one or more injuries and are frustrated with the lack of progress or understanding and support they receive in a traditional medical environment.

My clients are interested in alternative remedies and natural methods of healing. They may be eager to get off the various drugs they were prescribed by their doctors.

My clients refuse to accept the notion that getting older means slowing down or accepting aches and pains, illnesses and disease as a natural result of aging. They know that there is more to life than complaining about getting older!

My clients are eager to get back to "feeling like themselves" again -- only with time with greater energy, vibrant health and radiant well-being!

What happens during a consultation?

Before we chat or communicate via email, I'll email you to provide me with some background about your concern and what you have tried before to resolve it and what your desired outcome is.

Next, we schedule our phone call so I can listen carefully and gather any additional information. After that, I spend time designing my detailed personalized "prescription for healing" just for you! This may include nutritional support, exercise options and lifestyle recommendations. You'll get a detailed, written report (via email) and one additional follow-up phone call to clarify any information.

Consultation Fees:

Package of three 20-minute consultations @ $295 (you save $80) Click to add to cart

One 20-minute consultation @ $125.00  Click to add to cart 

Once you place your order for a consultation, Peggy will email you directly to schedule your appointment. Consultations can take place via email and over the phone.

Just need a "quickie"?

I get tons of emails from people asking me for my advice on everything from what I think about alkalized water, a certain diet, food combining; should they do weights before or after cardio; antying they can do to heal a sprain faster, etc. The sky's the limit! In the early days, I tried to answer each and every email but as you can imagine, that's just not possible.

But -- I LOVE hearing from my followers and want more than anything to help people FEEL BETTER!

So....if you have a "quickie" along the lines of what I just described, you can get your question answered within 36 hours (usually much faster) by taking this option:

Just a Quickie, Please! One email question @ $25 Click to add to cart

In the Quickie option, there is no background information and no phone call. You simple submit your detailed question and you'll get my expert advice and guidance via email within 36 hours (usually much faster)!

If you would like to feel and look your best, please contact me for your wellness consultation. I promise, you'll look back on this day with great satisfaction, knowing that you took an important step in improving your health and well-being. You deserve it!!

Please note:  Peggy Hall is not a medical doctor and the information she shares in the consultations and on this website is intended for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or cure any illness or disease. Any client working with Peggy acknowledges this statement and is advised to discuss any changes in medication, diet or exercise with his or her physician.