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How to Correct Your Posture

Did you know that you posture affects nearly every aspect of
your health and well-being? It's true!

You see, when you slouch or hunch forward, not only are you
straining your back and neck, but you're constricting the flow of
oxygen to your lungs.

And since oxygen equals energy, you're prone to feeling more
fatigued and lethargic when you're slumping and slouching.

Luckily, you can fix your posture and improve your moods and
outlook at the same time!

(Check out the video clip below to follow along!)

Whether you're standing or sitting, make sure to draw your
shoulders back so they're lined up over your hips, not your thighs.

Now start to lengthen your spine by reaching your ribcage up off
your hip bones.

Next, gently squeeze your shoulder blades together and imagine
you're dropping your shoulder blades into your back pockets. This
will help to draw your shoulders down away from your ears.

Finally, stop jutting out your chin. Instead, tuck your chin ever
so slightly and think of lengthening the back of your neck.

Imagine the crown of your head floating up toward the ceiling.

Now breathe -- easily, deeply, slowly. No forcing or straining.

There -- don't you feel better already?

You can practice perfect posture when you're standing, sitting and
even walking!

One of the best ways to improve your posture is by practicing yoga.

Not only will you strengthen your abs and back and other muscles
that keep your posture perfect, but you'll develop a greater sense
of body awareness so you'll notice when that slouching starts to
creep in.

Here's a  short video description of how to improve your posture.

This video clip comes from my Yoga for Surfers III: Unleashed! But even if you're not a surfer, you can still benefit from the tips! Be sure to follow along as I give the instruction, okay?

You can check out all my yoga programs right here -- now also available as
instant digital downloads, or as physical DVDs shipped to you.

In the meantime, please remember to breathe ~ relax ~ focus and enjoy!