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Feeling heavy, sluggish or tired?
Need to lose a few pounds?
Want to jump-start your weight loss?

Congratulations! You're about to discover how healthy and vibrant your life can be with my Three-Day Detox Diet for Health, Happiness and a Flatter Tummy.
Don't worry -- you won't starve.

In fact, you'll be nourishing yourself with healthy, wholesome delicious foods.

I call it "Health without Hunger"!

Are you ready to join me? You won't believe what happened to me during one of my detox experiences -- even my doctor was amazed to witness it! Click HERE to listen to my recent ABC Radio Show where I talk about the benefits of detoxing.

Take advantage of the special pricing and valuable bonuses for a limited time.

P.S. Be sure to read the success stories of other detoxers just like you! Can't wait to hear about YOUR success next!

A quick note from Peggy about the Detox testimonials...

I know the Three-Day Detox works, because I've done it myself several times.

But I was blown away when I heard from so many people who did so well themselves!!

Take just a moment and see for yourself exactly what these detoxers experienced recently!

Then click here to get started feeling better and looking better yourself!

Remember, I'm with you every step of the way!

 ~ Peggy

"I started on Friday and as of today I have lost seven pounds. I feel this detox has helped to get me started on the right track to eat healthier, and lay off the sweets and junk food. Thank you for the jump start."

~ Carolyn Carmichael


Peggy I just wanted you to know how I am doing after having de-toxed the weekend of the Superbowl.  To date I have lost 20 pounds and am continuing to eat healthy and have not had a craving for sweets or junk food.  Our church had a ladies retreat a couple weeks ago and the theme was “Chocolate Boutique.”  Needless to say, I was a little hesitant to attend knowing I am a Chocoholic.  There were chocolate kisses, chocolate desserts, and a chocolate fountain on display.  I was able to resist and enjoyed the day, knowing that by not indulging I was going to leave there healthier and several pounds lighter than some of the other women.  My husband is just amazed at my will power, but I really think it was the de-tox that helped clean my system and curb my cravings for sweets.  Thank you again for the jump start and support I needed.

Update May::

Just to let you know it has been four months since I went through the 3 Day Detox and to date I have lost 32 pounds and gone down two sizes.  I feel, and am beginning to look so much better on the inside and out.

My goal is to get back down to 130 pounds, so I’m almost half way there with 34 more pounds to go.  Carolyn C.


"I did fine no really bad moments. I have been eating the soups and salad fruits and veggies almost every day not eating much junk food. I used to have pepsi or coke all day long.  It has been 17 days since I had either or these no soda at all.

Haven't really wanted any. I will do the 3 day detox again. I lost 5 lbs so far."

~ Sandy Bodnar


"I love the 3 day detox so far, tomorrow will be my third day. My mother and I are doing it together. We don't plan on stopping on the 3rd day, though. I haven't gotten hungry at all, in fact my mom and I are having trouble finishing the meals because we get so full." We want to get the 10 Day Transformation, too to continue on and rev up our weight loss even more."

~ Leda Olmstead


"Honestly, I had no intention of 'detoxing' this year.  I was running and doing yoga, so my fitness was fine.  But I was having a glass of wine every evening - so easy to do in summer here!  I was also drinking coffee daily, so I thought, why not get back into the green tea (my usual beverage) and try the detox.

Well, starting on Tuesday this week I did the 3 day plan as per your guide, and finished it quite easily.  It was a very peaceful 3 days and I didn't really 'miss' anything much. Although the 3 days was up on Thursday, I've carried on with the detox principles, still no coffee - and no serious cravings - reintroducing other foods, but sticking to keeping things as simple and unprocessed as possible. 

I didn't expect to lose any weight, as I have a good fitness regime, although I might have lost a couple of pounds or so.... but I feel much calmer, my eyes are clearer and my skin definitely looks healthier.  Also, it's very empowering to know that I broke those bad habits I had fallen into over the holidays.

In summary:  Best part - no hunger, and easy reference to your supportive plan.

Worst part - caffeine withdrawal headache - and the smell of coffee.....damn!

I go back to school next week (I'm a teacher), and I'm confident that my mind, body and soul will collectively be in the right place.

Keep up the great work."

 ~ Jo Dalton (Australia)


"I started the 3-day detox yesterday. It's going really well. I'm enjoying the soups - so is the rest of my family. I had a slight headache last night; having read your email I realize it's

my body releasing toxins. Otherwise, I feel really good today, and NOT craving coffee!!!"

~ Anna Rose

"I lost 4.5 pounds with the detox!  Instead of having coffee first thing in the morning I now have my hot lemony and feel so much better!"

~ Sharon McKeehan (California)


"The choices for the plan were very easy to follow. Day two was a draining day as I hadn't slowed my exercising down but now I've finished I feel fine I've lost 5 1/2 pounds

My daughter has the Wii fit game so I have been checking in with the weigh in's.

My wife is getting ready to have a go at the 3 day program. I would like to have a try at the 10 day program soon. I now have a better idea of how much I should eat as I always put far too much on my plate. So may I give many thanks for the help."

~ Brad Barreau (Australia)


"I am four days into this and feel SOOO much better!"

~ Steve K. (Virginia)


"Well, all I can say is WWWOOOWWW! What a difference you have made in my life as well as three of my girlfriends who are also doing your detox.  I'm actually overwhelmed by what a difference it's making for ALL of us.  My friends are so excited.  We are all going to just stay with it because it's making us feel so wonderful.  We have no desire at all to stop.

None of us can eat as much as you suggest in your menus, which makes us feel good.  All cravings are gone and none of us have any desire to eat anything unhealthy. We all also really like the warm lemonade.  We can't wait to get some in the morning.

The ripple effect is quite amazing.  The energy and enthusiasm that I'm seeing in my friends and feeling myself is something I've not ever experienced.  We have always tried to eat sensibly with whole organic foods, but never had a really good blueprint to go by.  You have provided that.  God bless you my dear.

My one friend has actually suffered from irritable bowl syndrome her whole life it seems and is about to burst with excitement because for the first time in her life ... it's GONE!!!!!  How cool is that!  We chattered like little tweety birds on the phone for a half hour last night gushing about what food we were eating and what we liked and how good we feel."

~ Jennifer K. (Texas)


"I did my detox over this past weekend. It went well. Those dried grasses sure are an acquired taste! Other then that everything else was great. I think I actually tasted what an almond really tastes like for the first time in my life. And my husband has a new-found love of avocados. So, the results, I feel good.

My stomach must have shrunk, because I just can't consume the same quantities of food. And my aches and pains definitely have subsided. They aren't completely gone yet, but at least I can walk to the bathroom when I get up off my chair without slowly stretching and moving first.

I like the warm lemonade first thing in the morning and plan to continue with that each day. We've decided to try to detox every Monday and look forward to great results in the future. "


~ Kim Welch


"It was really simple to start your version -- I already eat all of the foods on your detox diet! I started it last Saturday -- I was getting over a head/chest cold. After a day and a half, all of my congestion was gone. I also lost a lot of weight within the first few days, five pounds to be exact. I was surprised that the coffee I tried to drink yesterday didn't taste too good, especially after drinking the warm lemonade. I didn't drink the lemonade today and I really missed it! My husband will start next weekend -- let's see how that goes!"

~ Mary Wimmer (Arizona)


Hi Peggy, I did the 3-day detox with good results. Thank you so much for the extra information. I am interested in the 10-day transformation program. I just can't stop telling people about your plan and how easy it was, the food choices are wonderful and delicious. Thanks again!"

~ Patti Kincade