Living Swell® creator Peggy Hall has positively inspired thousands of people just like you to experience an ocean of bright shiny health and happiness by simplifying the ins and outs of what it takes to be naturally healthy and radiant.

Peggy is a prolific writer, featured health expert for the ABC Radio Network, wellness expert for America Now television show, yoga instructor, healthy eating expert and creator of her own line of health and beauty products including her best-selling Youth Serum for firm, radiant skin, and Fat-Burning Fiber for regularity and weight-loss.

She is also an avid surfer, creator of the best-selling Yoga for Surfers® instructional DVD series, and the pioneer of the global surf + yoga movement.

Peggy is actively involved in animal rescue, is the founder of and lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, four cats and a dog.

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Success Stories

Dear Peggy,

I have been meaning to write you to thank you for walking alongside me through the 3-day detox and 10-day transformation cleanse that I did in June.  It truly changed my life!  Before starting it, I had been feeling like I needed to cleanse my body for a while but I did not know which cleanse to choose from.  I already tend to eat healthily because I am gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free due to allergies, but I kept on adding a lot of processed foods and rich foods into my diet, which my body craved but does not thrive on.  In addition, my portion size for each meal was large.  I would keep eating after I was full and then feel sleepy.   Also, I had stopped doing the things that make me feel good, like journaling and exercising.

My sister emailed me one day saying that she was going to start this cleanse and wanted me and a few other friends to join.  At first I didn’t think that I would be able to afford it.  I had the money for the diet itself, but I was worried about the price of the food.  Once I dove in and started the cleanse, I realized that it wasn’t that expensive.  Also, I was amazed at how quickly my body healed.

During the 3-day detox, I felt more clarity in viewing and resolving issues in my life, I was sleeping better, and I had more excitement towards life.  Instead of watching TV and online shows, I was reading, listening to music, or just enjoying nature.  I was going to bed around 9 or 10 at night and waking up completely rested and ready for the day between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning.  I have never been a morning person until now, and it was all happening naturally!

Energetically, I moved into my 10-day transformation period.  Since I was eating all vegetables and fruits, I was able to buy most of the items ahead of time and it did not cost too much money – very little in fact.  My first smoothie on Day 1 tasted delicious.  I loved having the choice of what kind of fruits and veggies I would add into my smoothie.   The soups were tasty as well and not bland like I had feared!  I was getting full faster and sometimes would not eat all of the soup.

I did come across some hurdles in this cleanse.  I did not like the green powder drinks (I would burp them up for an hour after drinking them).  Fortunately it is not a strict diet, so I took the green powder drinks out of my daily diet.  Also, by day 7 of the transformation period, I was getting bored of the blended smoothies and soups. Thankfully, I was given a list of foods that I could add into the diet in case I felt hungry or, in this case, needed some change.

All in all, the outcomes outweighed the hurdles.  I loved the clarity/clear thinking that developed, the fit-full sleep, relearning portion control, and I excitedly lost 15 pounds (some of it was letting go of stress)!  Also, I was reawakened to a more peaceful, joy-filled and happy lifestyle. I would definitely do this cleanse again.  

Thank you so much Peggy!
Liz Tracy


Hi Peggy,

Day 6 of using three day cleanse diet.  Lost 4 pounds and feeling good.  This is the first time I am truly able to make a change.

I am so pleased and feel so satisfied.
Thank you!

Kate Eaton


Hi Peggy,

Last week I began the three day and as I emailed you, I lost three pounds in the first two days (mindless eating during the last three weeks of school/track took it's toll!).  The morning of the first day of the Ten Day I had shingles again!  I was determined not to follow my regular routine of traditional medicine and release the emotions/energy associated with the outbreaks - obviously my body needed to and was trying to do so!  I just needed to let it.  During a meditation last night (the third night of the ten day) I released all of the components of old energy and this morining my shingles had decreased imensley to my delight! As of yesterday morning I had lost seven pounds!  I'm calling it your sensational seven day plan!
I have to teach summer school for the next four weeks Monday through Thursday.  I began eating regular food so that I can be ready for the next month as it can be very challenging.  I have decided to begin my Ten Day Transformation during the last week of summer school.  The plan for the next few weeks is to eat organic as often as possible and avoid mindless eating!!!  Thank you!
I have to tell you that I used to get hives often from grasses, chlorine, etc (not a surprise).  I've been skin brushing for six months as well.  Yesterday morning while my husband and I walked our dogs he said I had a rash - I looked and he was right.  Far from the usual itchy swollen hives (welts) I had blotchy patches that were hot.  I brushed my skin, did a contrast shower (the cold water just doesn't get too cold here in Phoenix this time of year!) and within an hour it was gone.  This morning I was in the pool and had no reaction :)  I brushed my skin after I got out.  I looked as if I was sunburned but it didn't sting or swell. I took a contrast shower and within an hour my skin was back to normal.  More detox symptoms - I love it!!!  Thank you again!!!  I'll let you know how round three goes!
Mary Wimmer
Phoenix, AZ


Hi Peggy,

I promised I’d write to you after my month trip to Florida and let you know how the surfing went. It was awesome! I had been doing the Yoga For Surfers DVDs along with my yoga classes to get ready for the trip - no surfing here since September for me, and I was in great shape!

I warmed up with the pre-surf session before surfing and ended each afternoon faithfully with the post surf session which kept the muscles loose. I am a novice but have run and windsurfed regularly for more than 25 years. So with the help of the DVDs, I was able to get up on my 8′6 easily (which I was still struggling with last summer and thought the board was too small) and have so much fun for 20 days on the water. Thanks again. The Yoga For Surfers are a great treasure in my life and I also love the wellness tips that are emailed.
Much appreciation,
Joan Scudder

I started the detox on Friday and as of today I have lost seven pounds.
I feel this detox has helped to get me started on the right track to
eat healthier, and lay off the sweets and junk food. Thank you for the
jump start.
~ Carolyn Carmichael

Update: March
Peggy I just wanted you to know how I am doing after having de-toxed the weekend of the Superbowl. To date I have lost 20 pounds and am continuing to eat healthy and have not had a craving for sweets or junk food. Our church had a ladies retreat a couple weeks ago and the theme was “Chocolate Boutique.” Needless to say, I was a little hesitant to attend knowing I am a Chocoholic. There were chocolate kisses, chocolate desserts, and a chocolate fountain on display. I was able to resist and enjoyed the day, knowing that by not indulging I was going to leave there healthier and several pounds lighter than some of the other women. My husband is just amazed at my will power, but I really think it was the de-tox that helped clean my system and curb my cravings for sweets. Thank you again for the jump start and support I needed.


Update: May

Just to let you know it has been four months since I went through the 3 Day Detox and to date I have lost 32 pounds and gone down two sizes.  I feel, and am beginning to look so much better on the inside and out.

My goal is to get back down to 130 pounds, so I’m almost half way there with 34 more pounds to go!  Carolyn C.

I did fine no really bad moments. I have been eating the soups and salad
fruits and veggies almost every day not eating much junk food. I used
to have pepsi or coke all day long. It has been 17 days since I had
either or these no soda at all. Haven’t really wanted any. I will do the 3 day detox again. I lost 5 lbs so far.
~ Sandy Bodnar

“I love the 3 day detox so far, tomorrow will be my third day. My mother and I are doing it together. We don’t plan on stopping on the 3rd day, though. I haven’t gotten hungry at all, in fact my mom and I are having trouble finishing the meals because we get so full.” We want to get the 10 Day Transformation, too to continue on and rev up our weight loss even more.

~ Leda Olmstead


Hi Peggy,

It’s been two weeks since I’ve included meditation in my morning routine of quiet time. I’m loving it and actually look forward to it! If I miss it in the morning, I do it when I get home. I see significant differences already. I’m noticing things more like a flower blooming from one of my succulents in the garden; and the first bloom of my roses. I feel so relaxed and much clear headed right after meditation.

I’ve faithfully sipped the “hot lemony” each morning and started the breathing exercise this week. After both, I seem to be more awake and clear about things. I just feel better overall and am calmer and happier! Just like you said. I’ve also added hot baths and more alone time, as well as my yoga class once a week.

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for these wonderful things I’m adding to my life! I look forward to more!

Love, Sharon Vorhees

Honestly, I had no intention of ‘detoxing’ this year. I was running and doing
yoga, so my fitness was fine. But I was having a glass of wine every
evening - so easy to do in summer here! I was also drinking coffee
daily, so I thought, why not get back into the green tea (my usual
beverage) and try the detox.

Well, starting on Tuesday this week
I did the 3 day plan as per your guide, and finished it quite easily.
It was a very peaceful 3 days and I didn’t really ‘miss’ anything much.
Although the 3 days was up on Thursday, I’ve carried on with the detox
principles, still no coffee - and no serious cravings - reintroducing
other foods, but sticking to keeping things as simple and unprocessed
as possible.

I didn’t expect to lose any weight, as I have a
good fitness regime, although I might have lost a couple of pounds or
so…. but I feel much calmer, my eyes are clearer and my skin definitely looks healthier. Also, it’s very empowering to know that I broke those bad habits I had fallen into over the holidays.

In summary: Best part - no hunger, and easy reference to your supportive plan.
Worst part - caffeine withdrawal headache - and the smell of coffee…..damn!

I go back to school next week (I’m a teacher), and I’m confident that my
mind, body and soul will collectively be in the right place.

Hope 2009 is wonderful for you. Keep up the great work.
~ Jo Dalton (Australia)

I started the 3-day detox yesterday. It’s going really well. I’m enjoying
the soups - so is the rest of my family. I had a slight headache last
night; having read your email I realize it’s
my body releasing toxins. Otherwise, I feel really good today, and NOT craving coffee!!!
~ Anna Rose

I lost 4.5 pounds with the detox! Instead of having coffee first thing in the morning I now have my hot lemony and feel so much better!
~ Sharon McKeehan (California)

The choices for the plan were very easy to follow. Day two was a draining
day as I hadn’t slowed my exercising down but now I’ve finished I feel fine I’ve lost 5 1/2 pounds
My daughter has the Wii fit game so I have been checking in with the weigh in’s.
My wife is getting ready to have a go at the 3 day program. I would like
to have a try at the 10 day program soon. I now have a better idea of
how much I should eat as I always put far too much on my plate. So may
I give many thanks for the help.
~ Brad Barreau (Australia)

I am four days into this detox and feel SOOO much better!
~ Steve K. (Virginia)

“Well, all I can say is WWWOOOWWW! What a difference you have made in my life
as well as three of my girlfriends who are also doing your detox. I’m
actually overwhelmed by what a difference it’s making for ALL of us.
My friends are so excited. We are all going to just stay with it
because it’s making us feel so wonderful. We have no desire at all to stop.

None of us can eat as much as you suggest in your menus, which makes us feel good. All cravings are gone and none of us have any desire to eat anything unhealthy. We all also really like the warm lemonade. We can’t wait to get some in the morning.

The ripple effect is quite amazing. The energy and enthusiasm that I’m seeing in my friends and feeling myself is something I’ve not ever experienced. We have always tried to eat sensibly with whole organic foods, but
never had a really good blueprint to go by. You have provided that.
God bless you my dear.

My one friend has actually suffered from irritable bowl syndrome her whole life it seems and is about to burst
with excitement because for the first time in her life … it’s GONE!!!!! How cool is that! We chattered like little tweety birds on the phone for a half hour last night gushing about what food we were eating and what we liked and how good we feel.”
~ Jennifer K. (Texas)

I did my detox over this past weekend. It went well. Those dried grasses sure are an acquired taste! Other then that everything else was great. I think I actually tasted what an almond really tastes like for the first time in my life. And my husband has a new-found love of avocados. So, the results, I feel good.My stomach must have shrunk, because I just can’t consume the same quantities of food. And my aches and pains definitely have subsided. They aren’t completely gone yet, but at least I can walk to the bathroom when I get up off my chair without slowly stretching and moving first. I like the warm lemonade first thing in the morning and plan to continue with that each day. We’ve decided to try to detox every Monday and look forward to great results in the future. ”
~ Kim Welch

It was really simple to start your version — I already eat all of the
foods on your detox diet! I started it last Saturday — I was getting
over a head/chest cold. After a day and a half, all of my congestion was gone.
I also lost a lot of weight within the first few days, five pounds to
be exact. I was surprised that the coffee I tried to drink yesterday
didn’t taste too good, especially after drinking the warm lemonade. I
didn’t drink the lemonade today and I really missed it! My husband will
start next weekend — let’s see how that goes!
~ Mary Wimmer (Arizona)

Hi Peggy, I did the 3-day detox with good results. Thank you so much for
the extra information. I am interested in the 10-day transformation
program. I just can’t stop telling people about your plan and how easy it was, the food choices are wonderful and delicious. Thanks again!
~ Patti Kincade

Meditation is like a self awakening for me in mornings and evenings its a break down so ill be able to have no worries or bad thoughts for a better, lighter and more relaxed sleep. I am very appreciative for all of your emails and great advice.I would look forward to learning more about the Meditation for Calm Energy.

Thank you for all the tips, William

Hi Peggy,

loving the hot lemon in the mornings, have on the odd occasion tried this in the past but the inclusion of honey is just yummy and makes it a more tolerable long-term option, in NZ we have beautiful manuka honey which has a real smoky/woody flavour and goes well in the lemon.

Enjoying these wellness tips too!

Cheers Lucie M.

Thanks for the support and the great programs. It’s going really well I had
level 1 before so 2 is a good step forward from that. I really feel
much better after a good session and if I can’t get one in for a few
days I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks again I’m sure I’ll get the
third dvd soon.

Ben Wood

Peggy -I have referred at least a dozen surfers to you for your DVD’s.I hope that they have followed-up on my suggestion and you are seeing more orders from Kauai.Your routines are fun and helpful.

Mahalo Nui Loa! David Ravinsky

Kauai, Hawaii;

Hi Peggy,I just did your “Yoga for Board Sports”. I love your DVDs. One day I
would like to take one of your classes in person. I told the people at
the El Segundo Yoga works all about your DVDs. They’re really

Eric Riebling

Every time I surf, stretch, and go
through my Yoga routine I ask the Lord to Bless you and your business
and take care of whatever you might be going through.

You have become a good friend through our connection of heath and

Be strong and always thankful, as I know you are…..

Have a very good and positive day.
Steve B.

Love the yoga diet and your testimonial about the back cure. Good stuff!!! :)

Kim H.

Just to let you know I got the Yoga for surfers DVD’s for my son David Van Zyl who is a competitive surfer here in South Africa - he’s a big Taylor Knox fan. He does yoga
to your dvd’s most mornings and it has been a great help to him in his surfing.

I on the other hand really enjoy you e-mails and messages. Going to try and be less lazy and do the yoga with him this year.

Regards-- Anne Harris



January 2009

I’m loving YFS 1 & 2, alternate them depending on how I feel but
can feel myself getting more flexible and stronger even though I have
only been using them for 3-4 weeks! The format is so good, the tempo is
perfect making it easy to follow and keep up with the moves instead of
having to start and stop the dvd as I have found in other types I have
used over the years. Excellent! Thanks so much for the time and energy
and your belief in your dreams to make this possible for others to

Enjoying your wellness tips too

Lucie McIntosh
New Zealand
January 2009

Gidday Peggy,I received my Yoga DVDs, Yay. Thankyou. And have done the yoga for
surfers 1 which is great. I have been focused on fitness and health all
my life and took up surfing at the age of 30 (thanks to my husband) and
I realise there really is only one way I am going to be able to
continue this sport that I love and thats doing Yoga. Its brilliant. I
do a class at my gym but its great being able to do it at home as well.
So once again thankyou and Happy Surfing. Attached is a photo of one of our breaks Moffat Beach. When its working its great for long or short boarding.Prescilla Chee


January 2009

Hi Peggy,

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your good message(s). I almost made it to one of your yoga classes when I was in the OC.

I am back in New Zealand and continuing on my path to health and wellness. It is really helpful for me to hear your positive spirit, I loved the guided meditation.

I look forward to making another attempt at your yoga in April.

Many thanks, Virginia F. New Zealand; January 2009

I was able to open the audio version of the Yoga of Eating. It is an
excellent inspirational tool for conscious eating. I have been
enjoying all of your nutrition information. I was a fitness instructor
for 25 years and still attend Jazzercise classes and work out 5 days a
week. I am now in my mid 50’s and of course am experiencing some age
related changes in my body which I am trying to deal with the best I
can and your information is a wonderful aid for me. Keep up the good
work you are doing. You are a beautiful lady inside and out and it
shows. Thanks again.

Angie Kaiser

January 2009



Success Stories -- 2008

I listened to the short version of your interview on TV regarding
mindful eating. Of course, I agree entirely, and I have been familiar
with the concept, and put it into practice…. I
found the idea of washing hands before eating….in a mindful way, not
just because it is habit, new and useful.

Thanks, Vivian

December 2008

I actually have both your first and second DVD also…I bought the download version while traveling. I have been doing yoga solely from your DVDs and now my partner is too.
We are getting buff!

Anne West

December 2008


WOW! Your videos look really interesting and I bet you had a ball
creating them! Your yoga class was only the second class I took at
Yoga Works. I realized how much I had missed Yoga!

I feel that I need to share with you (teacher to teacher)something you
said that touched me deeply…During our meditation portion of your
class, you asked us to visualize (in our cupped hands) all the things
that we are grateful for..that was easy…I saw my husband, my
children, my parents and brothers and all the nieces and nephews (I
started to get a bit weepy when I realized how truly and sincerely
grateful I am for the people in my life!!!).

Thanks for your thoughtful words and your inspiration to me!

Peace and Love,

Kerry S.

Southern California

December 2008

Thank you so much Peggy, i look forward to learning more. You are a
wonderful yoga teacher and I think this yoga and eating is a very
valuable life tool that I know I could really use. So thank you so
much for all you so and I wish you a very beautiful and joyful and
prosperous new year.

jill mustacchio

December 2008

Hi Peggy and David,

I ordered a copy of yoga for surfers for my brother this year because
he is beginning to feel the effects of tightening as we get older! He
spends 7 days a week in the water either swimming, surfing or on the
water kayaking. Last year I gave a copy to my very unflexible husband
who always balked at yoga because he thought it wasn’t really a workout
but he loves it! I think I bought it at either REI or a surf shop in
Santa Cruz. Thank you for your great workout. Happy Holidays!

Bonnie Seck

Medford, OR

December 2008

i am a surfer from Figueira da Foz Portugal and…i made surf by more
than 15 years…i had our two volumes YFS I and YFS II because i had a
friend of mine and he gives me a copy in the last christmas…

YFS repair my life and body in the future i dream do in my little
house a comun surf house but i’ve to work hard to complete that dream…

Sorry about my english

Regards and merry christmas and a happy new year.


Diogo Amaral


December 2008

Hi Peggy,

Thank you so much for the updates and extra stretches. My girlfriend
and i absolutely enjoy and love your videos and extra stretches. We do
it together at least twice a week. Thank you so much for all of the


Wes Lindemann

December 2008

I have the original Yoga for Surfers DVD…I love it!

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 6 years, surfing for 8 years, and I
wanted a DVD of surf yoga that was more challenging than the original
Yoga for Surfers.

SO=) I hunted the new DVDs down and ordered it!

Thanks for producing a great yoga series=)

Alyson Sullivan

Chesapeake, Virgina

November 2008

Hi Peggy and David,

Here’s wishing you both and your team a very happy festive season . I
am still enjoying yoga for surfers and am moving to the Goldcoast to
surf more and practise my yoga,many thanks.

I had an idea one night where I thought for a beginner [eg me ] it
would be cool to have water proof cards with pictures on them of the
exercises so i could jolt my mind to remember them all when I was doing
warmups on the beach.

Any how all the best

Regards Scott Sharley

South Australia

November 2008

Hi Peggy

I am a New York surfer-yoga type that has used your video for years and
have passed it onto friends that like to workout on their own even
though they don’t surf. Thank you for the great yoga.

Enjoy your holidays,


Gabrielle Schavran

November 2008

Thanks for the updates and tips!

Also, just to let you know that I am enjoying the YFS DVDs, it’s really
made a difference in my surfing and fitness generally.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers--Walter M.

November 2008

We have been blessed with so many things this year, including having
you speak at our SDSL Anniversary party! SDSL Sport (which is a group of ladies interested in core training to help our surfing) has
incorporated Yoga for Surfers into our training sessions. It has made
a huge influence in our surfing.

Keep the emails coming, as I love reading them! They are so powerful and motivating.

With gratitude,
Erin Paris
Encinitas, California
November 2008

Thank you for the dvd. It was pressie for my husband but we are
both enjoying it. Great dvd & once we get a bit better at it we
may order another one! Cheers.

Anna Tervit; November 2008

Hey Peggy, Yeah loving it, i surf most days but on the days off I find
that i use yfs3 to help build more strength on my core, my over all
flexiblity has improved loads and feel better out in the surf.


Stu Robinson

November 2008

The program is great. We do a lot of running too and find that the
yoga really makes a difference in lengthening muscles that have
contracted from running. It’s a shame we can’t mail order some waves
for summer too!

Aaron Thomas

Spearwood, WA

November 2008

hey peggy,

i was thoroughly enjoying my new lease on life due to
your yoga dvd, until my surgeon decided it was time to open my forearm
up again for a tendon transfer. while im out of action i have lent my
best mate my yoga dvd’s to see if interested in a purchase !

Martin Costello

October 2008

Hello Peggy,

I am trying to get fit and eat healthy and I am really trying to take
moments for myself to reflect, relax and find my true self, my true
calling, be more spiritual. I was reading your article on decluttering
and I loved it, I am trying to declutter my life, my home. I love your
website and I love receiving info so please send me anything and

Lisa Storoshenko

October 2008

Hi Peggy,

Yes, I did enjoy your Yoga of Eating and have been more conscious of
being “mindful” when I eat! Thank you for reminding me of this because
I have been overdoing the hand to mouth routine to my detriment! I
enjoy your yoga class very much too - your energy is fabulous.


Sharon M.

Laguna Beach, CA

October 2008

I love the dvds I have been doing YFS 2 now for several weeks and I can already notice a huge difference. I
thought I was ready to step it up to #3, till I popped it in and almost
melted. I’m living in Nicaragua and the humidity is sometimes too much.
Tonight I did number #2, the dvd not in the bathroom;-) but anyways it
was really humid and tough to keep it going, I found myself wanting to
do childs pose, usually I have no problems. Much gratitude to you, I
have needed to get back into yoga for years. Its really fun, thank you
so much. One of the best $50 I ever spent, Blessed love, emon

Edmond Funtanellas
October 2008

Hi peggy,

I like your DVDs very much and since I got them, I`m doing Yoga every
day! I really got into it and already bought a book about yoga History
and stuff like that. I want to visit some courses … Maybe you can
help me with that. I recognized, that the world of yoga is very big.
And I`m not sure if I got the right books and which courses are good.
You got some tips for me?

About your program: I feel very good after doing your program. It makes
happy in a very special way. I get calm and focused and satisfied and
my body feels just good. Unfortunately I havent got the oportunity to
surf in the moment (Switzerland!) but I`ll see next year which effects
the exercises bring for my surfing… Anyway, your program makes me
feel good and it was a perfect start in a yoga carreer. Thank you very

I wish you a great time

Rob Wegland
October 2008

Hi Peggy,

I have started doing the program and right now I am focusing on the
pre-surf session (YFS I) and the sequence of sun salutations (YFS II).
I have been having some difficulties with keeping up the regularity,
and my initial target is to do the sequences at least three times a
week and, of course, do the pre-surf session every time I get to surf.

Best regards,

Leandro Machando

October 2008

I LOVE the Yoga for surfers, it
is the best yoga program I have found on dvd yet and it really does
make a difference. I was practicing yoga almost everyday for a month
before going surfing in Tofino BC and it did help me. I have to admit
lately I haven’t had as much time to spend practicing but I hope to get
back to it again as it definately helps with flexibility, strength and
helps me to centre myself and calm my mind which I need. The
temperature is changing here in Whistler and snowboarding season will
start soon enough and I look forward to seeing the benefits and how the
yoga for surfers will help me with snowboarding. Many pro snowboarders
here in Whistler also practice yoga.

Thanks again and I will check out the eating program and the blog.

Yours truly,
Lisa S.
Whistler, British Columbia
October 2008

My name’s José, from Lisbon, Portugal. I purchased the Yoga for Surfers
series, and I really like it, it is an excellent production, just what
I always wanted!

Thanks, and congrats,
Jose Supico
Lisbon Portugal
September 2008

Dear Peggy Hall,

I´m a surfer from the island of Sylt in Germany and I´m also a big fan of your yoga dvds.

A couple of years ago me and my girlfriend started practicing yoga on
our SUP boards and it was great. You can sit in the middle of the sea,
the most relaxed place on earth, and find inner peace and balance. In
contrast to a normal surboard, on an SUP board a huge variety of
different poses is possible.

I have also practiced “Aquilibrium” (that´s how I have called it) with
some of my patients (I work as a psychologist and Anti-Stress-Trainer)
and the feedback was very positive.

Greetings from the North Sea!

Florian Schmid-Höhne
August 2008

Hi Peggy,

Thank you for the DVD, Yoga for Surfing. I use the workout 3 times a
week and have gained flexibility and strength over the last year or
so. I also exercise most every day and eat a healthy diet. Thank you
for all that you do and have a great day.

Mike Sanchez
August 2008

Your DVDs are the best! I really like the Yoga for boardsports. I appreciate that they don’t require a bunch of props.
cheers, Eric
August 2008

Your videos are the best yoga videos I’ve found, regardless of whether you surf or not. I had been away from practicing yoga for a few months and developed osteoarthritis in my knee from a previous injury. It got so bad the Dr’s left me with only the option of total knee replacement. I started practicing with your videos again, and my knee pain has mostly vanished. I hadn’t noticed how out of alignment my hips had gotten.

Practicing yoga has re-aligned my body, and may ultimately help me avoid major knee surgery. I’m looking forward to using your latest video to add variety to my workouts.

Mike Oatley
Brooklyn, CT
July 2008

Peggy & David:

I know you're heard from thousands of people about
your videos, but I wanted to add my thanks to you for
creating the YFS series.

I'm 55 years old, was a competitive surfer as a
teenager, and have always suffered from sciatic pain,
especially as I got older. I've tried everything
western medicine has to offer to correct the pain but
nothing, even daily doses of morphine, could eradicate
it. It would get so bad sometimes after surfing or
exercising that I could barely walk or drive. But I
refuse to be a couch potato! My pain was worst at
night making it almost impossible to fall asleep -
sober, anyway.

As I started understanding the connection between
nerve pain and shortened muscles, especially the
glutes, I decided to try yoga. In April I bought your
first DVD and enrolled in a twice-weekly yoga class.
The class is challenging, but your DVD allowed me to
do the yoga at home and learn it faster. In addition
to doing yoga before and after surfing, I've been
doing the Post-Surf Session routine every night before
going to bed and it has been a lifesaver.

I do the routine without the DVD now and slow the pace
down to really dwell on stretching the leg muscles and
glutes. This 30 minutes of yoga each night has
transformed my evening routine from a desperate search
for pain relief to a relaxing, meditative experience I
cherish. With the lights low it is the perfect
pre-sleep routine. And, yes, my surfing, mental
outlook, and overall fitness continue to improve.

I bought the second DVD and will undoubtedly get the
others, but I just wanted to thank you for the
peaceful hours of sleep I get and the renewed
flexibility and vitality I feel.

Paul Newman
Santa Rosa, CA.
July 2008

Hey Peggy,

Luckily my in-laws got
me the entire Yoga for Surfers series which have helped me heal and strengthen
my back since herniating two discs almost 3 years ago surfing Puerto Escondido.
I had been to doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage studios and
nothing helped get rid of the pain as well as Yoga. All I have to say is keep
up the good work!

Brandon Brown
Laguna Beach, CA
July 2008

I am a neuropsychologist and have been
surfing for over 40 years with many travels over the globe, chasing
swells. Just caught Hurricane Bertha for 5 days of east coast groundswell
in warm water Fla…still
ride short boards and stretching, yoga and core strengthening have been essential
to my longevity. Thanks for the great product…I use it
regularly. Mahalo.

Glenn T. Goodwin, PhD
Edmonds, WA
July 2008

Peggy & David

I am a 60 yrs old long boarder and stand-up paddle soul surfer. I have enjoyed
YFS I & II for about two years. In addition to regular twice weekly yoga
classes. It has greatly improved my flexibility and strength while helping
release those nagging pains accumulated over five decades of surfing.
Thanks, keep up the excellent articles and news letters. Ted
Bakersfield, CA
July 2008

Hi Peggy,I’m still enjoying the YFS dvd’s so much. Using them
often and also using some of the exercises when doing other sports
(e.g. running).I used to do ballet academy as a teenager and I
find a lot of similarities between yoga and my dancing classes. I enjoy
both surfing and yoga so much, but as I’m living and working in
Amsterdam at the moment, I thought it’s a good opportunity to do a yoga
course. I am even dreaming about doing a teachers course some day, just
to take my own yoga to another level, but also to maybe teach yoga
during traveling on different surfing spots.

I can’t explain
how much I enjoy combining yoga with surfing and I really want to do
more of both in the future.

I’m actually surfing quite a bit here in Holland. Whenever possible I
try to be in the water. And I have some trips planned for later this
year. Going to the Canarie Islands in October and to Florida (US!) in

Hope all is good with both of you in California, all the best and take care.

Stella Ferf
July 2008


Thank you for your inspirational Yoga videos…. they have been
a great source for regaining peace and energizing my mind and body…
In my busy and hectic schedule I have no real time for regular

and these are always available. I’m going to check out your
nutritional articles next!

Thanks again! Your fellow surfer….. Marc Behymer

Paso Robles, CA
July 2008

I can’t remember how I first heard
about it, but we have all of the dvd’s, and a couple of times a year I
manage to get up north to Peggy’s class. She had mentioned that she was
working on a couple of new videos, so I just kept my ears open for when it was
released. I’m on your email list, so that’s how I heard this was
done. My husband and I are also eagerly anticipating the yoga for backs one
that she had mentioned! Thanks for asking, and please let us know if Peggy
will be guest teaching down in the Carlsbad
or Encinitas areas!

Cheryl Dean
Encinitas, CA
July 2008

Hi Peggy!!

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that
I've had the opportunity to use YFS II and
have lent it to a lifeguard named Matt at my local beach break who
takes me out on occasion.

So after the two of us practiced it at our own pace the results are in and there are now two VERY
happy surfers :) The breathing techniques have been amazing, I really
feel that the more I do it the more confidence I have when I
paddle out. Matt (who has asthsma) and I agree that the bonus breathing
section was the highlight of the dvd for both of us.

The dvd is definitely what I was looking for personally and I look forward to getting the third one myself.
Thanks so much,
Emily :)
July 2008

Dear Peggy and David,

I worked through the whole Yoga for Board Sports DVD today
and I really love it. I have played the CD 4 times today, that means I
really like it!

Thank you again, for sharing all the surfing information with me, I absolutely treasure it…
Wynne Moore
Blaine, WA
June 2008

I wore out my first copy of YFS1. Great stuff for old guys.

William Liakos
Roswell, NM
June 2008

Dear PeggyThis is my second order. Yours video are fantastic.Thank you very much,

Ivan Calabrese
Galatina, Italy

June 2008


So I’ve been using the dvd now for about a week and I love it. it’s fantastic. I didn’t realize how tight my shoulders and upper back were. I’ve been swimming a lot and it has really helped my stroke in addition to my posture…even though it’s just been a week. Thanks again.
Take care,
Jodie Flood
May 2008

Peggy & David:

I enjoyed YFS and it also inspired me to start going
to a yoga class today. I can tell it will help my
balance and focus in surfing. I’ll let you know how
it all progresses but I’ve already learned some very
helpful poses and stretches from your video.

I’m an old fart (55 years old) so staying limber is
crucial to enjoying and excelling at surfing. Maybe
when I get this routine down I’ll come back for the
other videos.
Paul Newman
San Rafael, CA
May 2008

Several chiropractors have all but
begged me to try yoga, so I got your video. I am currently “surfing” a mountain
bike — I tried a few other videos after that, but none of the other
videos transferred over as well as yours.

Chris Motes
Golden, CO
May 2008

Peggy & David,

I work for a SoCal fire department.
We have a mandatory physical fitness program. A couple of guys were
getting ready for a surf trip to Indo and they were using YFSII as part
of their workout. After making fun of them, a group of us gave the
routine a try, the combination of core strengthening, balance and
flexibility is just what this FatOutOfShapeOldGuy needed to maintain
and improve his back health.

Great website,
Alan Dearden
Southern California
May 2008

LOL…my boyfriend is too macho to do
yoga but surfs all the time. I put Yoga for Surfers on my Blockbuster
list and I’m happy to say with the surf videos in the background he
did it and actually asked when we were going to do yoga again, so I
decided to order the videos for myself.

Colleen O’Neill
Altamonte Springs, FL
May 2008

I was lent your original yoga for surfers 1… and liked it very much….
I started yoga about six months ago and started taking classes… I find your videos helpful when I don’t have the time to make it to classes.

Marc Behymer
Paso Robles, CA
April 2008

Hey! I was suprised how fast it went to get the dvd here to Europe, it was like 6 days I think, very good!

I’ve heard about “Yoga for surfers” when me and my boyfriend were in Costa Rica for a surfholiday. So I decided to get a dvd for my boyfriend, he likes it very much!

Thank you!
Hanna Marklund
Skellefteå, Sweden
April 2008

I’m finding the DVDs very useful and have incorporated the yoga poses now into my surfing and snowboarding daily routines.
Best regards,
Rowan Lindsay
Sydney, Australia
May 2008

I came across YFS in the surfing mags. I want to improve my performance
in the surf. I’ve bought the first dvd a few months ago and I love it!
Thanks soo much for creating an awesome product!Mahalo,

Patrick Aio
Kent, WA

April 2008



Thanks for the effort that goes into the routines. I have gone to yoga classes for a couple of years now and they are some of the best routines I have done, and definitely the best way to practice at home. As well as my surfing and snowboarding my rock climbing and running have definitely benefited from regular yoga practice.

I would love another copy of YFS I. I keep lending it to friends and never have it about.

Tom Poyser
Lancaster, England
March 2008

Hi! My godson turned me onto your DVD. It is delightful! He brought the 2nd DVD to Alaska with him while visiting me and we have been practicing with it each evening.
Thanks again…you are a lovely and inspirational teacher!

Michele Palatas
Anchorage, Alaska
March 2008

Hi Peggy

I am constantly getting my clients to get the YFS DVDs - even clients who would never consider surfing are doing them!

I’m still practicing YFS regularly - did YFS 3 everyday on our recent snowboarding trip, I just love it! It was in the relaxation parts of the YFS I was doing while snowboarding 2 years ago that I really decided to quit the office job and embark on the fitness career, so its all thanks to you, and proof that yoga can change your life!

Take care and have fun!

Caroline Radway
Cornwall, England
March 2008

I have had the first YFS dvd for ages and think it’s the best. Peggy’s terrific :)

Matt Locke
Sydney, Australia
March 2008

HI I am from Chile and I am traveling through Australia surfing and enjoying. It has been great and in this last days I been very interested in yoga, and I found on the dvd collection in the house where I am staying the chapter 1 and 2 of yoga for surfers. I am 23 years old so I wanna start doing this now, to have a healthy life and improve my surfing.
Matias Quinlan
Perth, Australia
March 2008

Dear Peggy and David,We received your dvd’s a whilst back and they are excellent. Am afraid I haven’t tried the yoga but it sure gives my girlfriend a work out and she is quite fit already. She reckons it really does help her surfing.

Anyway just thought I better hurry up and say thanks for the prompt service and delivery was excellent, thanks.

Mark Haywood
New Zealand
February 2008


I knew this was what I was looking for when I got to read the video details and the other info on the site. Thanks for putting the program together and many waves of joy to you!Chad Kennedy
Jupiter, FL
February 2008

Hi Peggy and DavidA good friend of mine that started his own board company came across your videos while living, surfing and making surfboards over in Ireland. When he got back state-side he told me about it and although I found it interesting I didn’t really investigate any further. About a year ago I started dating my current girlfriend who had recently moved back to New Jersey from Huntington Beach and happens to be certified as a yoga instructor. I started checking out some of her DVD’s, enjoyed them and remembered the Yoga for Surfers collection my friend had told me about. So now I will have a YFS gift pack and a new mat for her.
Thank you very much!
John Ott
New Jersey
February 2008

I saw your ad in Tracks surfing magazine years ago and purchased your first
video. Great stuff! Love the backdrop as you go through the
postures, both calming and meditating as a surfer of over 30 years with that
in the background. I thought it
was about time I upgraded to dvd not video. I went to yoga classes
intensively for over a year and was taught by a great teacher who was highly
trained/qualified. With work, family etc. I need the discipline to do more
yoga and your video/dvds are great for me to do that.

I look forward very much to the new dvds and will always get your products
even if it is just to upgrade to the latest. Thank you.

Stuart Ferguson
Queensland, Australia
January 2008

Hi Peggy and David,

My name is Lisa Cotellessa and a few months ago I had the entire Yoga for Surfers collection sent to me here in Australia. I just wanted to take the time to write to you and let you know how happy both myself and my partner Mark are with the DVD’s. They are wonderful! We do it religiously every day. The instructions are clear and concise and Peggy, you are a huge motivation when at times all you want to do is give up (i.e..The Plank!!).

I am an ex-triathelte coming back from a particularly nasty injury and the yoga has not only helped with getting my body into back into better, but also my mind as it copes with the challenges that rebuilding your body back from injury can bring. But mostly, just knowing that you are still doing some form of exercise that is beneficial to your surfing on the long flat spells that we experience here in Perth during summer can take away the frustration that these days can bring!

So thank you so much,
Lisa Cotellessa
Perth, Australia
January 2008

Dear Peggy and David, I heard about the Yoga For Surfers videos from Netflix. I been wanting
to do yoga for awhile and thought I would netflix it…among many other
videos for yoga, Yoga For Surfers came up. It caught my eye since I
surf, also that there were 3 different videos so assumed there would be
different levels etc. I rented them and loved them, Peggy does a
great job in explaining things and talking you through the moves. She
is very encouraging, down to earth and has a soothing and relaxing
voice. Even as someone new to yoga I was comfortable and able to
“catch on”. The music is great and the surf clips are awesome. I
really do feel a difference when I do yoga and when I don’t. As a
present for myself I decided to purchase all 3. Thank you for making
YFS!!!! Sincerely,

Bona Garretson
January 2008