Living Swell® creator Peggy Hall has positively inspired thousands of people just like you to experience an ocean of bright shiny health and happiness by simplifying the ins and outs of what it takes to be naturally healthy and radiant.

Peggy is a prolific writer, featured health expert for the ABC Radio Network, wellness expert for America Now television show, yoga instructor, healthy eating expert and creator of her own line of health and beauty products including her best-selling Youth Serum for firm, radiant skin, and Fat-Burning Fiber for regularity and weight-loss.

She is also an avid surfer, creator of the best-selling Yoga for Surfers® instructional DVD series, and the pioneer of the global surf + yoga movement.

Peggy is actively involved in animal rescue, is the founder of and lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, four cats and a dog.

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Peggy Hall's Youth Serum

Since 2008, Peggy has appeared weekly with host Richard Stevens, offering her upbeat (and often unconventional) advice as the featured Health and Wellness Expert for the ABC Radio Network's nationally-syndicated "Hits and Favorites" show, airing in prime drive time. What you hear from Peggy today shows up in the headlines tomorrow... because she's always ahead of the curve when it comes to making healthy living easy!

7/17/14: Don't Shun the Sun

7/10/14: Less Junk -- More Joy!

6/16/14: Use your Mind to Heal your Body

6/12/14: Surviving the Twists and Turns of Life

6/5/14: Menopause Makeover

5/22/14: The Truth About Sun Exposure

5/15/14: Magic Bag of Tricks for Healthy Travel

5/8/14: To Weigh ot Not to Weigh - Part Two

4/17/14: To Weigh or Not to Weigh - Part one

4/10/14: The Yoga of Listening

4/3/14: Stay on the Sunny Side of Life

3/27/14: Clearing Emotional Clutter

3/20/14: Spring Cleaning for your Body

3/13/14: Pain-Fighting Foods

3/6/14: 21st Century Health Killer

2/27/14: Suffering from Tech-Neck? How to Fix the Pain

2/20/14: The Straight Poop on Fiber

2/13/14: Ridiculously Easy Easy Heart-Healthy Habits

1/30/14: Crazy Ways to Have More Energy

1/23/14: Get Rid of Anxiety and Depression without Drugs

1/16/14: The Year of No Fear

1/9/14:   Kill Your Cravings

12/12/13: Beat the Holiday Blues

12/5/13: Holiday Health Hazards you Probably Haven't Heard Of

11/21/13: Indulge without Indigestion

11/7/13: Magic Mushroom Diet

10/31/13: Crazy Health Headlines

10/24/13: Natural Cures for Skin Conditions

10/17/13: Spooky Superfood: Pumpkins!

10/26/13: How to Get Rid of the Pain in your Rear End

9/19/13: Yoga Etiquette

9/12/13: Weird Yoga

9/5/13: Good Advice Gone Bd

8/29/13: Back to School Secrets for Endless Energy

8/22/13: Facials from the Fridge

8/15/13: Slimming Summer Sips

8/8/13: Meat: The Miracle Health Food?

8/1/13: Good-for-You Foods Even the Experts Don't Know About

7/25/13: Beach Dangers you Probaby Hadn't Thought Of

7/11/13: Pregnancy Precautions for Yoga

6/20/13: Summer-Safe Exercise

6/13/13: Grow your Own Skin Care?

6/6/13:  Banish the Bathing Suit Blues

5/30/13: Rev Up Your Metabolism -- Naturally

5/23/13: Help for Headaches

5/16/13: Don't Make these Mistakes at the Gym!

5/09/13: Diet Rules that are Okay to Break

5/02/13: Current Mind/Body Books on Peggy's Bookshelf

4/25/13: Top Healthy Travel Tips

4/04/13: Less Junk -- More Joy! Secrets to Stress-Free Decluttering

3/28/13: How NOT to Detox

3/21/13: More Big Little Changes that Improve Your Life

3/14/13: Big Little Changes that Improve Your Life

2/28/13: How to Get Off Sugar

2/21/13: Not SOY Fast!

2/14/13: Worst Food Offenders: Artificial Sweeteners

2/07/13: Worst Food Offenders: Gluten

1/31/13: Diet Pill Dangers

1/17/13: Flu-Fighters You've Never Heard Of

1/10/13: Break Bad Habits for Good

12/27/12: New Year Resolutions: Go Big or Go Home

12/20/12: The Detox Diet Breakthrough

12/13/12: Simple Secrets for a Stress-Free Season

12/06/12: Spring Cleaning in Winter

11/29/12: What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Chronic Pain

11/22/12: Holiday Survival Guide

11/01/12: Flu-Proof Your Fall

10/25/12: Top Tension Tamers

10/18/12: New Running Techniques: Fact or Fraud?

10/04/12: How to Have More Time in Your Day

9/27/12: What is Really in Your Food?

9/20/12: Love Your Liver

9/13/12: Help for Headaches

9/06/12: Fall Foods That Won't Make You Fat

8/30/12: Holistic Health Cures You've Never Heard Of

8/23/12: Is Procrastination Keeping You Fat?

8/16/12: Secrets to Faster Healing

8/09/12: Sunscreen Danger Signs

8/02/12: Summer Skin Savers

7/25/12: Flat Belly Secrets

7/19/12: How to Stay Safe at the Seashore

7/12/12: A Cure for Cellulite?

7/05/12: Healthy Travel Tips

6/28/12: Slimming Summer Sips

6/21/12: Bad Habits that are Good for You!

6/07/12: Home Remedies for Fungus-Free Feet

5/31/12: Inside-Out Sun Protection

5/24/12: Make your Own Fast Food

5/10/12: How to Get Rid of Fluid Retention

5/03/12: Better than Protein Powder

4/26/12: Eat More for Less

4/19/12: Strut Yourself Slender

4/12/12: Supplements for Slimming

4/05/12: How to Head off Headaches

3/29/12: Getting Back on Track with Diet & Exercise

3/22/12: Nature's Secrets to Stop Spring Sniffles

3/01/12: How to Not Skimp on Sleep

2/23/12: The Fat That Burns Fat

2/16/12: Bad Foods That Are Good for You

2/09/12: Cure Your Cravings

2/02/12:  Yoga -- Fact or Fiction?

1/26/12:  Best Home Remedies Grandma Would Approve Of!

1/19/12:  Little-Known Secrets from Nature's Pharmacy

1/11/12:  How Toxic Are You?

1/05/12:  Feng Shui Your Figure

12/19/11: Don't Make these Mistakes with your New Year's Resolutions!

12/22/11: The WRONG Way to Diet!

12/15/11: Happy Healthy Holidays!

12/08/11: How to Avoid the Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain (without deprivation)

12/01/11: Fight Cancer with Your Tea Cup

11/17/11: No More Holiday Indigestion!

11/11/11: #1 Most Overlooked Component to Health

11/03/11: Picture-Perfect Foods

10/12/11: Pain Relief Secrets You Probably Haven't Heard Of!

10/06/11: Diet Advice that is Keeping You Fat

09/29/11: Is Hormone Replacement Therapy for You?

09/16/11: How NOT to Catch a Virus

09/01/11: Simple Kitchen Cures for Aches and Pains

08/25/11: Natural Beauty on a Budget

08/17/11: The "Healthy Drink" that Could be Deadly

08/11/11: How to Avoid Hip Surgery

08/04/11: The Hidden Cause of Back Pain

07/28/11: Natural Cures for Thinning Hair

07/21/11: Surprising Food Facts You Probably Didn't Know

07/14/11: Skinny Summer Salads

06/30/11: The Great Summer Slimdown

06/16/11: Natural Remedies to Save your Summer Skin

06/09/11: Dangers Lurking in Your Sunscreen

05/26/11: How Changing "Just One Thing" Can Change Your Life!

05/19/11: Best Snacks for Summer

05/05/11: Are You Supermarket Savvy?

04/28/11: Can the "Curly" Lightbulbs be Hazardous to Your Health?

04/21/11: Shocking News About Calcium Supplements

04/14/11: Get these "Healthy" Foods Out of your Kitchen!

03/10/11: How to Breathe...for Energy and Stress Relief

03/03/11: How to Fix Neck Pain

02/24/11: Seven Super Supplements You Can't Live Without

01/27/11: Snore No More

01/20/11: Banish Late-Night Snacking

01/13/11: New Health Fads: Fact or Fiction?

01/06/11: The New Way to Detox

12/09/10: How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

12/01/10: Dangers of Airport Body Scanners

11/17/10: Stress-Free Holiday Secrets

11/10/10: How to Add Years to Your Life

10/25/10: How to Get Healthy While Staying Home in Your PJs!

10/21/10: Energy at your Fingertips!

10/13/10: Do You Need to go Gluten-Free?

10/07/10: Natural Ways to Boost HGH

09/30/10: The Missing Link for Effortless Weight Loss

09/16/10: Bone up on Preventing Osteoporsis

09/02/10: Best Ways to Ease Back Pain

08/26/10: The Sunny Side of Eggs

08/19/10: Simple Tricks for Instant Energy

08/05/10: The Flax of Life

07/29/10: Outsmart Summer Stress

07/22/10: Health Myths -- Busted!

07/15/10: Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

07/08/10: Save Your Summer Skin

07/01/10: Wonderful Ways with Water

06/24/10: Healthy Ways to Barbeque

06/17/10: Forgotten Foods that Make You Healthy!

06/10/10: 7 Days to a Knockout Beach Body!

06/03/10: Secrets to Mind-Body Healing

05/27/10: The Truth About Soy

05/20/10: How to Beat Belly Bloat -- Overnight!

05/13/10: Healthy Foods: Fact or Fraud?

05/06/10: Sleep Yourself Slim

04/22/10: Surprising Cures for Spring Allergies

04/15/10: Yoga and Weight Loss

04/08/10: Natural Ways to Beat Depression

04/01/10: How NOT to Lose Weight!

03/25/10: Natural Cures for Digestive Ills

03/18/10: Secrets to Faster Fat-Burning

03/11/10: Foods for Flexibility

03/04/10: Are you Making these Mistakes in Yoga?

02/25/10: Sneaky Detox Tricks

02/11/10: The Biggest Mistakes Exercisers Make

02/04/10: How to Indulge on Valentine's Day

01/28/10: The Biggest Mistakes Dieters Make

01/14/10:  "Healthy Foods" That Aren't!

01/07/10:  Detox Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

12/10/09: Sail Through the Holidays Stress-Free!

12/03/09: Homeopathic Remedies for Colds and Flu

11/19/09: Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner -- without indigestion

11/11/09: Natural Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

11/02/09: Memory Boosters

10/21/09: Healthy Halloween Treats

10/28/09: Spice up Your Health!

10/14/09: Quit Fighting with Food

10/07/09: The Surprising Way to Beat Stress-Related Eating

09/30/09: Foods for Fall

09/23/09: Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body

09/16/09: Is Your Posture Making You Sick?

09/02/09: Natural Ways to Banish Headaches

08/26/09: Dog Days of Summer: Keeping Pets Healthy

08/19/09: Berries for Beauty

08/12/09: The Truth About Coconut Oil

08/05/09: S.O.S. for Summer Skin

07/29/09: How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

07/22/09: Beat the Bathing Suit Blues

07/15/09: Beach Safety Tips that Most People Get Wrong

07/08/09: Healthy Ways to Beat the Heat

06/29/09: 4th of July Survival Guide

06/17/09: Heal from Injuries Faster

06/10/09: Secrets to Safe and Satisfying Yoga

06/03/09: Do's and Don't of Detox Diets

05/20/09: How to Dine Out on a Dime

05/13/09: Why you Should Never Exercise Again

05/06/09: Surprising Way to Avoid the Swine Flu

04/29/09: Shake the Salt Habit

04/22/09: Skin and Body Detox

04/15/09: Less Junk, More Joy!

04/08/09: Peggy Hall's Bookshelf: The Best in Health and Wellness

04/01/09: Embrace Emotional Eating -- Without Guilt or Weight Gain!

03/25/09: Are Your Healthy Habits Making You Sick?

03/18/09: Fun Ways with Water

03/11/09: Stress-Busting at your Fingertips

03/04/09: The Healing Benefits of Tea

02/25/09: Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu

02/11/09: Heart-Healthy Valentine's Day (and chocolate truffles!)

02/04/09: Are You Addicted to Sugar?

01/28/09: Vitamin D: Let the Sunshine In

01/14/09: Dry Skin Brushing / Hot Lemonade Drink

01/07/09: Post-holiday Detox

12/31/08: Forget New Year's Resolutions -- Make New Truths Instead!

12/17/08: How to Beat the Holiday Blues

12/10/08: Tips for Stress-Free Holidays

12/03/08: One Bite Won't Hurt -- or Will it?

11/26/08: SOS for Stuffed Tummies

11/19/08: The Power of Gratitude

11/12/08: Lower your Cholesterol Naturally

11/05/08: Speak your Mind Mindfully

10/29/08: Tricks to Stop Eating Treats

10/22/08: Healing the Hungry Heart

10/15/08: Bare Naked Eating

10/08/08: Exercise on the Cheap

10/01/08: How to Be your Own Biggest Loser

09/24/08: Stretch your Food Budget -- without scrimping on taste!

09/17/08: How to Beat Belly Bloat -- Overnight!

09/10/08: 7 Super Supplements You Can't Live Without

08/27/08: Is Organic Really Better?

08/20/08: Essential Fatty Acids: Are you Getting Enough?

08/13/08: Stay Stress-Free from Summer to Fall

08/06/08: The Miracle of Magnesium

07/30/08: The Yoga of Eating

07/23/08: The Healing Power of Probiotics