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Congratulations and Welcome to the

One-Day MiracleCleanse!

Download the MiracleCleanse System Program Components below

Steps for Success:

1. Bookmark this page so you can return to it for instant reference.

2. Print out the MiracleCleanse Detailed Reference Guide and Shopping List so you can have it in your hands and make notes where needed.

3. Please keep this link confidential and do not share it outside of your immediate household. All information in the One-Day MiracleCleanse is protected under copyright law. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

4. IMPORTANT: Please add to your safe-list addresses so you can receive vital follow-up information from me ("Tips for Success"!) about your program!

MiracleCleanse System Program Components:

Simply click on each one to open (or right-click to save to your computer desktop). This requires Adobe Reader in order to open the files. Most computers have Adobe Reader installed already. If not, click here to get it.


MiracleCleanse Detailed Reference Guide with Recipes

MiracleCleanse Detailed Shopping List

Yoga Poses for Detoxing + Yoga Tummy Tuck  (Click to watch online; Yoga Tummy Tuck exercise is described just below the videos.) 

"Secrets to Faster Fat Burning" Audio mp3


Remember, I'll be with you every step of the way! You won't believe how easy, effective, safe and simple it is to shed 2-3 pounds of pesky belly bloat overnight -- so you can feel better about yourself and how you look!

P.S. Remember to email me with your success story and I'll send you a special surprise gift as my thank you! Click here to email Peggy