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Free Guided Meditation for Awareness

Inner peace -- delivered via mp3 audio download!

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 What is Meditation?

Meditation is not about emptying your mind -- though that may happen.

Meditation is not about chanting or burning incense -- though you can certainly do that if you would like to, but it's not required!

Meditation is not a form of religion -- though for many people, it helps them awaken to and deepen their spirituality.

Instead, meditation is the focusing of the mind. Meditation is the quieting of the mind so you can listen to the voice of your soul.

When you meditate, you practice floating down into the present moment. You learn that it doesn't take a lot of effort to simply "be".

You let go of worry and fear and regrets -- and instead you are here, now. You learn to become fully engaged and absorbed in the present moment.
And when that happens, you free up a lot of energy that you can use for living life more fully!

Why Meditate?

Meditation is like a vacation for the mind! When you spend a few mintues simply being in the present moment -- letting go of the cares of the past and the worries of the future -- you begin to experience what I like to call "the timeless now". It's quite refreshing! You learn to stay calm and focused so you have a firm foundation from which to live your life.

On a physical level, meditation helps to:

  • balance blood pressure
  • slow heart rate
  • decrease stress
  • strengthen immune system
  • restore energy

On a mental and emotional level, meditation helps to:

  • clear the mind
  • improve powers of concentration
  • increase creativity
  • sharpen problem-solving skills
  • increase well-being
  • balance moods

On a spiritual level, meditation helps you:

  • deepen your connection to the source of your life
  • discover your purpose and passion in life
  • feel more centered and balanced; calm and free
  • feel connected to Life!

To experience meditation for yourself, please sign up at the top of the page for your free 15-minute guided meditation for awareness!