Living Swell® creator Peggy Hall has positively inspired thousands of people just like you to experience an ocean of bright shiny health and happiness by simplifying the ins and outs of what it takes to be naturally healthy and radiant.

Peggy is a prolific writer, featured health expert for the ABC Radio Network, wellness expert for America Now television show, yoga instructor, healthy eating expert and creator of her own line of health and beauty products including her best-selling Youth Serum for firm, radiant skin, and Fat-Burning Fiber for regularity and weight-loss.

She is also an avid surfer, creator of the best-selling Yoga for Surfers® instructional DVD series, and the pioneer of the global surf + yoga movement.

Peggy is actively involved in animal rescue, is the founder of and lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, four cats and a dog.

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About Peggy Hall

A naturally-gifted teacher, Peggy inspires, encourages and uplifts with her infectious energy and enthusiasm for life! With over a decade of experience as a speaker, author, yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, health writer and wellness coach who regularly appears on national radio and television, Peggy inspires you to approach life with a sense of cheerful curiosity and positive expectations that the best is yet to come!

Called a “legend” by Surfer magazine, Peggy is the pioneer of the global surf + yoga movement and the first person to popularize yoga and surfing with her fabulously successful Yoga for Surfers® Instructional DVD Series, which has helped thousands of surfers around the world surf better – and live better!

Dubbed "America's Ultimate Wellness Expert" by Woman's World magazine, Peggy considers herself a healthy skeptic who digs deep to uncover the truth in wellness so you don’t have to put your own health or life at risk with outmoded thinking, treatments or medication that could do more harm than good.

As an avid surfer, former competitive swimmer and water polo player, long-distance ocean swimmer, certified yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, published author, radio personality and television host, Peggy inspires everyone she meets with her infectious enthusiasm, pure positive energy and sunshiny outlook on life.

Enthusiastic, informative and inspiring, Peggy cuts through the clutter, separates fad from fact and presents "good-for-you" lifestyle tips that are doable rather than daunting!

Since 2007, Peggy has appeared over 500 times on the ABC Radio Network as the national health and wellness guru for the "Hits and Favorites" syndicated show airing coast-to-coast. 

Since 2011, Peggy has been starring as the national wellness expert for "America Now", an Emmy-nominated, daily lifestyle program. Peggy has appeared in over 100 segments, reaching millions of viewers coast-to-coast with her simple, surprising "I can do that!" practical advice that inspires healthier, happier, more satisfying lives! 

Peggy frequently writes for and appears in major national and international media with over 200 hundred published articles in magazines such as Yoga Journal, Clean Eating, Oxygen Women's Fitness, First for Women, Women’s World Magazine, Life & Style, Shape, Self, Surfer, Tracks, Outside, Men's Journal, Muscle & Fitness Hers, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, The Orange County Register, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today and US News & World Report among others.

A certified weight and lifestyle management consultant, Peggy is the creator of the One-Day Miracle Cleanse, the Three-Day Detox Diet and the Ten Day Transformation, Peggy's signature "health without hunger" programs which have helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their lives, even if they struggled in the past and were ready to give up.

Over 125,000 copies sold worldwide!An avid surfer and certified yoga instructor, Peggy put her passions together and created the highly-acclaimed and best-selling Yoga for Surfers instructional DVD series, which has helped thousands of surfers worldwide surf better and live better!

Heralded by Men’s Journal as one of the “Top Five Trends in Fitness”, Yoga for Surfers has garnered heavy media coverage, with Peggy being featured in Yoga Journal, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, ABC, Surfer, Surfing, TransWorld Surf and Muscle & Fitness, The KTLA Morning News, and NBC's The Today Show, among others.

A highly sought-after and engaging speaker, Peggy was selected to lead yoga classes for Fortune Magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women Conference alongside such luminaries as Ariana Huffington, Meg Whitman and Sally Ride and Billy Jean King.

 In addition to receiving a Certificate in Yoga Studies from the University of California Irvine Extension, Peggy also completed her advanced teacher training at Sacred Movement in Santa Monica, CA. She is also certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Trainer and Weight and Lifestyle Management Consultant.

A longtime instructor at the university level, Peggy is the former Director of Teacher Education Programs at the University of California, Irvine Extension. She holds a master’s degree in international relations from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Fluent in French and Arabic, Peggy lived in Paris for a short time and also in Morocco for several years where she first taught English for the Peace Corps and then worked in marketing for Proctor & Gamble.

Prior to her career in health and wellness, Peggy provided corporate training in business writing, presentation skills and accent reduction for dozens of Fortune 500 companies through Global Learning, her cross-cultural communications business.  


Itty-Bitty and Elsie, rescued by Peggy in New Orleans as abandoned and starving kittens in the aftermath of Hurricane KatrinaPeggy lives, writes, teaches and surfs in her native Southern California with her husband and their dog and four cats. Peggy is a passionate animal welfare advocate and promotes hope, healing and humane education through her non-profit group, Compassion for All.




P.S. When people ask me, "What do you do?" I never know exactly how to answer.

My official mission is to create and communicate programs and products that inspire healthier, happier lives...

But I suppose you could say I am a "Professional Encourager" -- because my overriding calling in life is to help others live life to the fullest, in a heathy, happy manner, adopting an attitude of cheerful curiosity and positive expectations that the best is yet to come, inspiring them to use their own gifts to bless the lives of others.

My personal values, desires, interests, gifts and passions have always revolved around swimming, writing, animals, teaching and performing. (Yes, teaching, public speaking and television and radio work are all types of performances, and that is where I love to shine!)

Peggy's Timeline

Youth: Grew up in Orange County; competitive swimmer, animal lover, volunteered at the community park house; family camping vacations across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Teens: competitve swimmer; played on boy's water polo team and swam on boy's swim team in high school; won "Most Valubale Player" on boys' water polo team (!); was on cheerleading squad; served as high school class senator; taught swimming lessons and worked as a lifeguard; competed in the Junior Olympics swimming meet.

College: Attended UCSB (BA in Political Science) swam competitively and played water polo on National Champion team; worked in the school Science Library; taught swimming lessons and lifeguarded on summer breaks and waitressed at the iconic Harbor House Cafe in Dana Point; volunteered at local animal shelters leading educational events and outreach.

Adventure: Traveled Europe, studied French and lived with French family in Paris, visited every country in Western Europe; traveled to Brazil, Hawaii, Mexico.

Grad School: Master's in International Relations; traveled to Morocco for 3-month summer trip, studied Arabic; worked as academic assistant for the Department of the Navy. Worked as volunteer education coordinator for local animal rescue sanctuary.

Morocco: Served two years as a PeaceCorps volunteer English Teacher in remote parts of Morocco, becoming fluent in Arabic and French; developed and taught cross-cultural training skills for in-coming Americans. Spent an additional year and a half teaching at the American Language Center in Tangier Morococo, one of the best years of my entire life. Worked to educate on animal care and welfare issues and rescued street animals.

Proctor & Gamble -Morocco: Worked as a Brand Manager for P&G in Casablanca, handling accounts for innovate household products and successfully introducing the American way of doing business. Consulted in business writing, pronunciation skills and presentation skills workshops for non-English speakers.

International Education: Upon return to US, worked in several different capacities including:
- Director of English Language Center of the Pacific at Irvine Valley College
- Teaching English to Vietnamese immigrants through Catholic Charities 
- English instructor for Rancho Santiago College
- Public Relations Manager and Business Instructor for Golden Gate University
- Student Activities Coordinator at University of California Irvine (UCI)
- English Lecturer in Humanities Dept at UCI
- UCI Extension Instructor in Business Writing, Presentation Skills, Pronunciation Skills
- Teacher Trainer for overseas English instructors (UCI)
- Curriculum Developer and Trainer for all in-coming professional lecturers at UCI Extended Education
- Curriculum writer and consultant for the State of California for K-12 English Learner's grant
- Consultant and curriculum developer for UCI Extension
- Director of Teacher Education for UCI Extension (K-12 professional development and TESL) 

Corporate Training, Speaking and Consulting: While working in international education, I also created my own consulting company, "Global Learning" to design and deliver high-performance training and consulting in the areas of communication, relational skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, cross-cultural communication, business writing and positive performance. Companies include:
- Baxter Healthcare International
- Rockwell
- Conextant
- Viking Components 
- In-N-Out
- Toshiba
- Ricoh 
- GlaxoSmithKline 

Health and Wellness: Always passionate about anything to do with the water, I have spent most of my life as a competitve, swimmer, long-distance ocean swimmer, surfer, lifeguard, swimming instructor, etc. I learned ot surf as an adult and love to spend any free time in the ocean...but all those years of swimming took a toll on my body, but luckily in the late 1990's, I turned to yoga to successfully heal severe, chronic shoulder tendinitis, and I went on for several certifications in yoga, health and nutrition:
- Certificate of Yoga Studies (UCI Extension)
- YogaFit (Redondo Beach, CA)
- Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (Sacred Movement, Santa Monica)
- Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise, ACE)
- Certified Weight & Lifestyle Management Consultant (American Council on Exercise, ACE)
- Certified Nutritional Consultant (Stonebridge College) 

Yoga, Nutrition and Healing: After leaving the university to focus on new career in health and wellness and to put my passions of yoga + surfing together, I created Yoga for Surfers, the first of its kind surf-specific yoga 5-DVD series (still a top seller today!) and am recognized as the pioneer of the global surf/yoga movement.

My annual Yoga for Surfers® Teacher Training Programs are held in San Clemente and Australia, and Yoga for Surfers workshops have been held around the world, including Australia and Israel, where we conducted a yoga/surf day between Israelis and Palestinians as a peace-making and good-will outreach.

With a passion toward natural health and beauty, I created several natural health products including my Fat-Burning Fiber, my Youth Serum, all-natural SunScreen, and handmade organic soaps.

I have also taught classes, workshops, private events, consulting and speaking engagementsfor the following:

- Yoga Path (Irvine, CA)
- Yoga Works (various locations, Orange County)
- Equinox Fitness (Santa Monica)
- Lotus 7 Yoga (Santa Margarita)
- Ritual Yoga Arts (Laguna Beach)
- Better Living Yoga (Aliso Viejo) 
- The Ritz-Carlton (Dana Point)
- The Islands Hotel (Newport Beach)
- The Montage Hotel (Laguna Beach)
- We Care Spa (Desert Hot Springs)
- Fortune 50 Magazine
- Rimrock Capital
- Boost Mobile
- Billabong
- O'Neill
- Surf Diva
- Hotel Cinco (Punta Mita, Mexico)

Partnerships and Sponsors:
- O'Neill
- Billabong
- Surf Diva
- Degree 33 Surfboards 
- Lululemon
- Arnette Sunglasses
- Manduka yoga mats and supplies
- Carushka yoga clothing
- Intelli-Skin
- Oregon Chai Tea
- Kamut
- Bragg's 
- All-Girls Surf Contest (Australia)

Entertainment and Media: For the past decade, I've been featured in national media, TV and radio and have written hundreds of articles for health and fitness magazines. Some appearances include:

- Television host and wellness expert for America Now (Emmy-nominated, syndicated daily 30-minute show aired nationally on broadcast TV) with more than 100 TV appearances over 3 years on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox
- Featured wellness expert for the ABC Radio Network, with more than 500 radio shows over 8 years
- Features writer and columnist for Clean Eating Magazine with dozens of published articles 
- Advisory Board Member for Clean Eating Magazine
- Contributing editor and features writer for Oxygen magazine
- Health and fitness editor and features writer for Surf Life for Women Magazine  
- Heath and fitness editor and features writer for Damsel Magazine and Lemonade Magazine
- Health, fitness, yoga and nutrition articles published in dozens of major magazines including: Self, Oxygen, Shape,  Muscle & Fitness Hers, Men's Journal, Outside, Surfer, Surfing, TransWorld Surf, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, ABC News, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Orange County Register, USA Today, Life& Style Weekly, In Touch, plus several international publications
- Publsihed widely on leading lifestyle blogs including, ABCNews, SheKnows, and several others.
- Author of several diet programs including: The Three-Day Detox, the Ten-Day Transformation and 52 Weeks of Weight Loss.

Consulting, Coaching and Public Speaking: With over 25 years of professional teaching, training, coaching, consulting and public speaking, I bring my trademark postive energy and inspiration to companies large and small, near and far, equipping their teams to be positive, productive and profitable.

My "Waves of Change" corporate workshops and trainings provide an ocean of inspiration that improves performance and results in highly confident, effective, healthy, happy and influential leaders that are "Living Swell" both in and out of the boardroom.

I also offer small business lifestyle design including marketing and media consulting to bring your own vision to life.

Animal Welfare and Advocacy: A lifelong passion of mine has been to alleviate the suffering of animals. Never having lived without dogs or cats at any time of my life, I am deeply compelled to work in education, outreach and advocacy to use my skills and talents to improve the lot of these innocent beings.

For many years I volunteered at local animal shelters, fostered, adopted and educated....and in 2005, my husband David and I created Compassion for, a non-profit organization dedicated to education, outreach and advocacy for animals, because..."every life is precious."

Over the past decade, we have helped resuce hundreds of animals in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, worked to eradicate ignorance in the community in terms of treatment of animals; partnered with several dozen trusted animal rescue groups including Best Friends, New Beginnings for Animals and many others for life-saving work getting desperate animals off the streets and out of hi-kill shelters and into loving homes.

We have been insturmental in the Wings of Rescue airlifts of California animals and also have worked side-by-side dedicated medical personel caring for pets and people in Tijuana, Mexico. My hope is to change views, change laws, and change lives for the better. 

Spirituality: All light and life, as well as all good things, come from God. My faith in God gives my life meaning and purpose. We are created to know and love God, to love others, to share our God-given gifts and talents and to be a blessing to others. The Spirit of God draws each of us -- we need only to be still and ask to be shown the Way that we might walk in it. My faith gives me a foundation from which to soar, striving to be a shining example of God's goodness and light in the world. "To set the mind on Spirit is life and peace" (Romans 8:6)

Looking Ahead... One of my sayings is "The Best is Yet to Come," and I believe I am just getting started! Every experience we have been through is the best thing that could have happened to us, because it has propelled us to where we are today.

My passion, mission and vision is to continue to offer hope, help and healing to those who need encouragement -- whether to people or animals. My quest for TRUTH is what compels me to continue to learn, grow, attempt new things -- to drop any limitations and SOAR!

Living Swell is the evolution of all that has come before -- and a perfect phrase for what I believe we are called to do in this precious and fleeting life on Earth.

Won't you join me?

Simply email me to request a complimentary 15-minute phone chat to discuss your needs.

P.S. When people say, "Wow -- how could you do so much?" I answer, "How could you not?" You only have one precious life and one precious body, and now is the time to make the most of it. Let me help you do so.