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"Finally -- Fast, safe, enjoyable and permanent weight loss -- without restrictive dieting!"

This be the turning point you've been looking for!

If you need accountability, guidance and support on your path to healthy eating, you have come to exactly the right place.

52 Weeks of Weight Loss is a convenient, affordable, effective and enjoyable program, that gives you peace of mind -- and a smaller pants size -- without restrictive dieting or punishing exercise.

Step-by-step, week-by-week, your excess weight (and worries) will melt away -- once and for all!

Don't worry -- it won't necessarily take you 52 weeks to lose the weight -- but you WILL get 52 weeks of ongoing support, information, motivation, guidance and inspiration on your path to a slimmer, sleeker, fitter more fabulous you!

Take a moment to think back to a year did you feel? Were you at your preferred weight, or were you (still) struggling? Trust me -- I've been there. In fact, that is why I went on to study health and nutrition -- so I could figure out, once and for all, what it takes to create a healthy, happy, strong, slim and sleek physique.

When you join me in the 52 Weeks of Weight Loss online support program, you'll hear from me every single week with a proven tip, technique and strategy for success. You' get a written message from me in your email inbox, and from time to time these messages will be supplemented with a short video clip, an audio mp3, a recipe, a meal plan, an effective exercise and other such goodies to keep you on track!

Let me teach you step-by-step the secrets to permanent, effortless weight loss. That's right -- effortless! And NO boring information you've already heard before!

You see, I'm not going to bore you with tired old advice like "Eat carrot sticks instead of cookies" or "Don't eat after 7:00 pm." If that's all it took to lose weight, then no one at all would still be struggling.

Instead, I'm going to go beyond the trite, cliched "how-to" advice and share with you the real secrets to lasting weight loss. Even if you're at your preferred weight, you'll still benefit from learning how to make peace with food and truly nourish your whole self.

What is the "52 Weeks of Weight Loss"?

This is an easy, convenient online program which means every week, I'll show up in your email inbox with my absolute best tips, tricks, secrets and strategies for you to easily and effortlessly transform your body, mind and spirit so it's the best expression of who you are. You'll learn to open yourself to life and all it has to offer, feeling confident, strong and slender! You'll want to say "Look out world, here I come!"

There are no meetings to attend, no "webinars" to watch, no pills, powders or potions to purchase -- my secrets will be revealed to you on a simple, straight-forward basis, week by week! All you need to do is open your email, read it, and put your newfound knowledge and information into action! (And I'll be there every step of the way, just like a good friend who has your best interests at heart!)

Each and every week, I'll reveal things like:

  • One simple trick that will FOREVER prevent mindless snacking (and it's easier than you think!)
  • The real reason the pounds won't budge (and it has nothing to do with restricting calories)
  • Why excessive exercising often backfires -- and can actually keep you fat
  • How to get rid of that dreaded lower belly pooch! Hint: it's NOT sit-ups!
  • How to stay full longer (this one tip could be your turning point!)
  • My thoughts on having a "cheat day"  -- this will probably surprise you!
  • What comes first: cardio or weights (and which one can you do without?!)
  • Why calories DON'T count -- and what to count instead!
  • How to smash through plateaus when the scale won't budge
  • The five words that will keep you fat forever (and what to say instead)
  • How to deal with people who try to sabotage you
  • My #1 Secret for lasting weight loss success
  • How to NOT backslide, right when you're doing well!
  • And much, much more! These tips come from my personal "treasure trove" -- gems that I've discovered, developed and refined over the years...not to be found anywhere else!

You'll also get mouth-watering recipes that will leave you thinking "this is actually good for me -- and won't pack on the pounds?"

My own creations, such as:

  • German-Chocolate Oatmeal (one of my favorite breakfasts)
  • Fat-Burning Fudge --only 3 ingredients!
  • Moroccan Chicken Sweet-Potato Salad (always with a version for vegetarians like me, too!)
  • Best-ever tasting Green Smoothie for glowing skin! Bonus: it keeps you full all morning!
  • Fat-Burning Salad Dressing -- use it on everything!
  • Slimming soups (without cream, but they taste rich and creamy!)
  • Blueberry-Peach Crisp (for breakfast OR dessert!)
  • Sesame-Maple Salmon
  • ...and many, many more!

Why listen to me?

I consider myself to be a "professional encourager"! In fact, in all my years of teaching yoga and meditation, of writing hundreds of articles on health, nutrition, fitness and wellness, of appearing on countless radio and TV shows, of producing and starring in my own yoga videos -- the ONE thing that people are most drawn to is not only my "message" of positive encouragement, but my "method" of getting it across!

I've personally helped hundreds and hundreds of people let go of their struggle with excess weight and low self-esteem and find their inner  strength and well being -- all in a slender, strong body that they're proud of!

You see, I teach and explain things the way I would like to be taught -- in a down-to-earth, understandable, approachable, attainable way that is infused with inspiration and possibility!

I know that you have the power to create the body and the health you desire -- you only need the proper tools and information to get there!

But it's hard to do that when we're burdened with excess physical weight or emotional weight that drags us down and prevents us from giving ourselves wholeheartedly to life!

I know that the past does not dictate the future, and that we have the power within us to reach for our dreams -- to live our life as an expression of our soul!

So please join me -- won't you? -- on this journey to reveal your greatness and let your light shine!

My Bonus Gifts to You for Getting Started Today!

For an extra bit of encouragement, I'm going to give you these fabulous bonus gifts (valued at $126) as my thank you for taking action today:

Bonus Gift #1: My "4x4 Meal Plan" This is my own personal approach to a simple, clean and clutter-free way of eating. You'll find it so easy to custom-make your own meal plans -- you'll wonder why no one every showed you this approach before! Yours free when you join me in the 52 Weeks of Weight Loss! You'll get instant access to this plan immediately when you place your order! (List price $97)

Bonus Gift #2: Top Mistakes Dieters and Exercisers Make - Audio mp3. This is a 60-minute interview where I spill the beans so-to-speak on the mistakes that most people make when it comes to diet and exercise! I can't stand to see people struggle, so I shed light on how to stop punishing yourself with restrictive dieting and punishing exercise! I gave up spending time on the treadmill, and I can show you how too -- and STILL get into great shape, without suffering! (List price $29)

Bonus Gift #3: Cravings Quencher Cocktail: My own special recipe that's easy to make and really takes the edge off! You can drink one before or after you indulge in order to counter any negative effects of over-eating, or drink one to chase away the munchies! Plus, it contains compounds and nutrients proven to increase fat-burning and improve the appearance of your skin as well as the boost your brain power -- guaranteed! You get this as soon as you sign up!

Risk-Free Weight Loss and Wellness!

If you're like me, you might be a bit skeptical about signing up for an online program -- so let me put your mind at ease. You can cancel at any time with no strings attached. But I predict that you'll most likely find your healthy, happy lifestyle so enjoyable, so effotless, and so natural (and my messages so positive and inspiring) that you'll want to continue for the entire 52 weeks! But no worries -- if your situation changes and you decide, this is not for you, simply drop me an email at and you can cancel immediately, no questions asked!

How Much Does it Cost?

I can't even count the amount of money I've spent (wasted) on weight loss programs, products, pills, supplements, creams, exercise DVDs, books and the like. I know, I know -- you're wondering what makes 52 Weeks of Weight Loss different from all those other "miracle cures" out there. There is one huge, simple difference: "I've been there, done that!

That means what you'll be getting from me is more than a decade of experience in natural weight loss and nutrition; no quick-fix gimmicks (though you WILL get results quickly!), no hype, no hope -- just down-to-earth, step-by-step, little-known SECRETS to success!! 

If you've at all followed my wellness tips (and if you haven't, be sure to sign up at the top of this page), watched my videos, read my articles in national magazines, seen my TV appearances, listened to my radio shows, then you know that I go beyond the traditional, hum-drum, mundane, trite and cliched "advice" that is about as helpful as someone telling you to "eat less and move more".

Please -- if that's all it took, there would be no obesity epidemic.

Instead, you'll get eye-opening secrets that REALLY work -- like how you need to balance the bacteria in your gut (or else you'll always be prone to sugar/carb cravings); the connection between lack of sleep and excess pounds; how to heal your liver (which is THE primary fat-burning organ) and how weight loss is much more a function of braing chemical and hormones -- NOT calories and exercise!

But most of all, you'll be getting my on-going support, guidance and inspiration on a weekly basis! Study after study shows that having a SUPPORT SYSTEM makes the difference between success and failure.

How many of us have someone in our lives that really understands what we're going through  -- and even more importantly -- how to keep up the encouragement and enthusiasm?

That's where I come in -- and my 52 Weeks of Weight Loss!

OK -- having said all that, think back to the money you've spent in the past. How can you possibly justify this expense, especially these days when times are tough? The way I look at it, how can you NOT do it? This is not an "expense", it's an INVESTMENT!

I personally would much rather spend a few dollars each week to SAFEGUARD my health (and feel and look great in the process) than to end up spending $$ at the doctor's office, the pharmacy, and God forbid, the hospital.

Even if you have all the money in the world to spend on specialists, wouldn't you rather have as much energy, enthusiasm and excitement for life -- all the while living in a slender, strong body that you can feel proud of? Can you imagine your confidence soaring through the roof when you can go to your closet and pull out anything -- and it fits and looks fabulous?! That is EXACTLY what I want for you -- along with feelings of self-acceptance and self-appreciation. Most of all, I want you to feel FREE! To feel free of self-loathing, of frustration, of struggle, of despair.

Remember -- I've "been there, done that" and I want to save you the time, money and frustration that I went through. The price? A measly $5 per week. (I know, I'm kind of embarrassed to set the price so low, especially since most of my nutrition and weight-loss programs run anywhere from over a hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars) -- but I don't want you to miss out because of financial reasons! (Hubby thought I should set the price much higher -- but I convinced him that $5 per week would be more affordable for most people. In fact, the way we have it set up is that you actually end up getting 4 weeks for free, when you're billed monthly*. See details below.)

So, if you're ready to find that peace of mind -- and a smaller pants size -- all while boosting your energy, enthusiasm and excitement for life, read on for your next steps~!

What to Do Next:

1. Click on the link below this list and you'll be taken to a page where you can sign up for 52 Weeks of Weight Loss (52 WWL). I'm so excited for you to get started!

2. You'll make the first payment ($5/week, billed monthly at $20) then every thirty days after that your card will be charged automatically for an additional 11 months. (*Monthly billing actually ends up saving you $20 over the course of the year -- it's like getting 4 weeks for free!)

3. As soon as you complete your payment, you'll be taken to a page with a "Welcome Video" from me, with all of the details! It's super fast and super simple!

4. On the "Welcome Video" page, you'll also get the links to your Bonus Gifts! These are digital downloads (.pdf files and mp3) which means you can get started immediately! No need to wait for something to arrive in the mail. So simple, so easy!

5. Then, every SUNDAY you'll get your new 52 WWL tip, recipe, article, audio or video. Why Sunday?! Well, if you want to kick off your week on the right foot, this will give you the chance to do so in advance. Many of us are inundated with info on Mondays, so I want to give you a "head start" on the week ahead! Of course, the beauty of this program is that you get to go at your own pace. That means you can read, re-read and re-read again the amazing, helpful and inspirational information you'll be getting!

It's as easy as that! OK -- let's do it!! Simply click on the link below to get started on your new body, your new life, your new YOU!

52 Weeks of Weight Loss -- just $5/week!

P.S. When you sign up today, you get four fabulous bonus gifts worth $126 PLUS you get 4 weeks for free. Each email comes in sequence, so you'll never miss out or fall behind. You go at your own pace, with me alongside you -- every step of the way!

Don't let ANOTHER year go by where you leave your dreams behind....

Let me be the turning point you've been looking for!