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"How well are you taking care of your one precious body -- and your one precious life?"

Don't waste one more day holding back and hiding from life. Don't live your life stuck in a series of "what if's" and "if only's"...

Instead, let me show you how to open yourself to life and all it has to offer! It's fun and easy when you begin "Living Swell® with Peggy Hall!"

Whether on my TV segments for America Now as their national wellness expert, as the featured healthy living expert for the ABC Radio Network, or in my frequent articles in national magazines, I'm known for my encouraging, inspiring and down-to-earth advice that makes healthy living easy.

In fact, what I talk about today often hits the news tomorrow because I'm always ahead of the curve when it comes to health, nutrition and stick with me and I'll set you straight!

Remember, your life has meaning. YOU have value. With my guidance, you can break free from whatever has been weighing you down -- mind, body, spirit.

So breathe in the fullness of life -- right here, right now -- and smile. You are alive in this moment, a privilege denied to many.

Now, let's make the most of it!

I can help you if you are...

  • Just about to give up on losing weight
  • Sick and tired of chronic illness, aches and pains
  • Feeling older than your years
  • Wanting to get off prescription medication
  • Wishing you could get back your zest for life

Please -- don't give up! It's never too late to look and feel your best, when you have the right information and inspiration, that is!

You see, I've always had a knack for explaining things. I love diving into complex info and making sense of it all, then sharing it in an easy-to-understand way that is meaningful and relevant to your life. And that's exactly what you get when you follow my health and wellness programs. You won't just get knowledge and information -- you'll get wisdom and inspiration delivered in my signature upbeat, "you can do this", easy-to-follow, step-by-step support, tips and guidance so you can shed whatever has been weighing you down and holding you back from enjoying the fullness of life!

Thank you for walking alongside me through the 3-day detox and 10-day transformation. I was amazed at how quickly my body healed! I felt more clarity in viewing and resolving issues in my life, I was sleeping better, and I had more excitement towards life. 

I excitedly lost 15 pounds (some of it was letting go of stress)!  Also, I was reawakened to a more peaceful, joy-filled and happy lifestyle. I would definitely do this cleanse again.  

Thank you so much Peggy!
Liz Tracy

A quick confession...

You're probably wondering what the heck I could offer you that you haven't read or learned already.

...and I know just what you mean!

After all, there are tons of "wellness experts", "holistic nutritionists" and "diet coaches" out there, right?


And there is also a cascade of conflicting info when it comes to diet, exercise, weight loss and nutrition.

The difference is that I've "been there, done that".

You see, I'm not your typical nutritionist -- you know, naturally thin and tsk-tsking you for eating a cookie.

No -- I'm actually going to show you how to eat that cookie and enjoy it -- without guilt or weight gain!

But don't just take my word for it. Read some of the hundreds of success stories I've received from people just like you who once were frustrated, desperate and hopeless...and they are now positive, vibrant and alive!

What amazes me is that very small, simple steps yield gigantic results!

I believe that "You don't have to be perfect to be a success" -- and I'll show you exactly how to proceed so you are moving in the right direction.

And guess what? It feels wonderful.

And you deserve to feel wonderful -- healthy, light, strong, happy and free.

I'll show you exactly how.

Sign up for my free Living Swell® with Peggy Hall weekly tips at the top right of this page to get started. Then watch some of my America Now television clips, and read on below for your next steps on the Peggy Hall Path to Wellness!

My cravings for junk food have gone away! My new way of eating has freed me from my issues with food. Peggy has helped me appreciate who I am and heal emotional issues.

Robin Kenny

Imagine -- no more struggling, no more "what if's", no more "if only's"....

Instead, this is your chance to find FREEDOM from what's been weighing you down and holding you back! It IS possible for you to shed those burdens and feel yourself light and free, confident and excited about life!

Your life has meaning, and you're here to make a difference!

With my expert guidance, I'll show you exactly how.

I am here to help YOU -- I believe in you, and I know that "the best is yet to come!"

You only have one precious body and one precious life. Let me show you how to make the most of it!

Expert in Mind/Body Wellness+Weight Loss

National Wellness Expert /TV Host for America Now

Featured Health Guru on the ABC Radio Network

P.S. Improving your health, appearance and well-being is actually faster, easier and more enjoyable than you ever thought possible -- when you start Living Swell® with Peggy Hall!

Please note:  Peggy Hall is not a medical doctor and the information she shares in her programs, resources, retreats, consultations and on this website is intended for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or cure any illness or disease. Any client working with Peggy acknowledges this statement and is advised to discuss any changes in medication, diet or exercise with his or her physician.